What Is Hair Slugging?

by Colleen Welsch on May 27th, 2022

     You might be familiar with the skin slugging trend, but did you know you can also do hair slugging? This technique has several advantages, and we recommend giving it a try.      Not sure what hair slugging is? We’ll tell what this hair care process is, the benefits, and the best products […]

Use The Wolf Cut To Thicken Your Hair

by Colleen Welsch on April 23rd, 2022

Want a fun and edgy haircut that can make thin hair appear thicker? You should try a wolf cut. Keep reading to learn about this stylish cut and how it can create the illusion of thicker hair.  

Hair Growth Oil: Does it Work?

by Colleen Welsch on March 25th, 2022

Hair Growth Oil: Does it Work? Using oil for hair growth is heavily debated, but certain oils can benefit your scalp and hair. Some benefits are removing dandruff, controlling sebum production, improving scalp circulation, and more. All of which contribute to healthy hair growth.   Below are the five best hair growth oils.