Hot 2019 Hairstyles for Men

by Colleen Welsch on January 10th, 2019
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Looking to update your hairstyle in 2019? Start your year off right by trying a new look with your hair. If you don’t know what men’s haircuts are on-trend, keep reading for our top picks for 2019 hairstyles for men.


man hairdresser haircut curtains 90s hairstyle hot 2019 hairstyles for men viviscal hair blog

Believe it or not, this floppy, center-parted ’90s hairstyle is making a comeback. The classic Curtains haircut has long bangs worn parted in the middle or to the side with shorter sides. This men’s haircut works best for straight, wavy or moderately curly hair.

If you currently have short hair, you’ll first need to grow out your hair to ear level. Taking Viviscal Man supplements twice daily ensures that your follicles are getting the nutrients they need for hair growth. As your hair grows, visit your hairstylist every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim. Ask to have your hair shaped and texturized so it still looks attractive at it grows out.*

When styling, avoid using hair products with too much hold. Instead, use a serum like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir, which adds fullness and shine without sacrificing movement.


buzzcut suit tie confident african american man hot 2019 hairstyles for men viviscal hair blog

We love this men’s haircut for its ability to add a bit of edginess to any outfit. Plus, it’s easy to do at home (if you have the right equipment of course).

This 2019 update on the buzzcut will have hair slightly longer on top than the sides with a gradual fade.

Bleached Buzz

bleach blonde buzz haircut blue shirt crossed arms man hot 2019 hairstyles for men viviscal hair blog

If you want to try something really trendy, the Bleached Buzz is all the rage right now. Bleach can damage your scalp and the hair, so it’s best to leave this look to the professionals rather than trying to bleach your own hair. The best part? If you don’t love your bleached buzz, you can just grow it out since bleached tips are also on trend right now.

You can also play with the Bleached Buzz look by adding a fun temporary hair color. We’ve recently spotted celebs wearing light blue and bright red buzzcuts. And since temporary hair color causes minimal damage to your hair, it’s safe to experiment with this type of hair color at home.

Curls on Top

curls on top man side view white shirt hot 2019 hairstyles viviscal hair blog

This men’s haircut is an excellent choice for men with curly or textured hair. Ask your barber for a cut that’s short on the sides with longer layers on the top.

If your hair leans more towards the curly side, style with Viviscal Elixir. This hair serum will add extra shine and body that will really emphasize your curls.

If your hair is more textured, try this look with twists rather than curls on top.

The Emperor

caesar haircut cut bangs scissors wet hair hot 2019 hairstyles for men viviscal hair blog

The Caesar haircut is usually associated more with the Roman Empire than with modern times. But this men’s haircut updates the look for 2019. This haircut works best for men with thick, straight, or wavy hair.

Ask your barber for a tight fade on the sides. Leave the top longer and cut with scissors for texture. The bangs should be cut straight across the top of the forehead and then texturized with scissors. To style at home, use a gritty hair wax to muss up the long top and bangs.

The Flow

man glasses brown hair smiling dark background flow long haircut hot 2019 hairstyles for men viviscal hair blog

This men’s haircut has an effortlessly cool, messy vibe. But it’s still polished enough to wear to the office.

For the Flow, you’ll need hair that falls somewhere between ear length and shoulder length. If your hair is currently short, taking Viviscal Man for several months will help to promote hair growth by supplying your hair follicles with needed nutrition. As your hair grows, visit your barber every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim.*

The Flow hairstyle looks best with a little natural grit and texture, so keep shampooing to a minimum. Twice per week will work best. Instead, rinse hair daily with water and then condition with Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner. Allow hair to air dry to bring out your natural texture. If needed, warm up a small amount of pomade between your fingers, then run your fingers through your hair to push it back.

How will you style your hair in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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