ICYMI: 3 Things You Should Know Before Cutting Your Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 20th, 2018

Goals: never feel the anguish of post-haircut regrets again. On the road to being a more self-confident version of ourselves (#loveyourhair), we’re sharing this article from a few months back written by beauty blogger Jamie Stone for Today.com. We’ve called out a few of our very favorite of Jamie’s rules that you must know before getting your next haircut, especially if you’re battling with super-fine, thin hair.

3 Haircut Rules for Fine Hair That You Might Not Know

1. Go to a Stylist Who Understands Fine Hair

Jamie was very impressed when she went to celebrity hairstylist Jill Crosby, who’s known for being an expert at cutting fine and thin hair. That experience cutting and styling fine hair can make all the difference.

“Women with fine or thinning hair tend to default to styles that are almost non-styles,” Crosby explains. “They often grow out their hair and refrain from ever cutting it — even the slightest trim. And when I see a woman with thinning hair get to the point when she’s willing to cut away the breakage and damage to find a cut that really enhances her face and utilizes her stronger qualities, [she’s] typically elated and realizes what [she’s] been missing.”

2. A Blunt Haircut Is Your Best Friend

Do not think of blunt haircuts as boring. Jamie said she always assumed blunt cuts were a snooze-fest until she actually tried one. Now, she sings their praises: “Nothing, I repeat, nothing makes fine hair look fuller than a straight line going across the bottom,” she writes. “Even when I wore my hair shoulder length, which was shorter than I liked at that time, it looked incredibly fuller and healthier.”

“A strong-weight line with a fresh, blunt cut can actually make hair look longer,” Crosby explains. “So while you’re cutting, you’re creating an illusion of length and volume.”


Jamie with her “blunt cut”. Photo by Jamie Stone (Today.com)

3. When It Comes to Color, Embrace Your Dark Side

As a blonde for nearly 15 years, Jamie was fastidious about the cardinal sin of dyed blonde hair: “Don’t let your roots show… ever.” But, she says, now she’s seen the error of her ways.

In fact, celeb colorist Erick Orellana says that embracing your dark roots actually can make fine hair look thicker. “Highlights are great for adding volume,” Orellana explains, “but if you go too light at the root you can actually cause more breakage to the hair, which means thinner hair. You can still stay very blonde, especially on the ends, but try to avoid the root.

“When dealing with a client who has fine or thinning hair,” he adds, “I always recommend adding a deeper root with just a few highlights, which helps hair look fuller and thicker — especially at the roots where you want some volume.

Orellana was the colorist behind Jamie’s highlights in her “blunt cut” photo above, which she finally agreed to do after months of his trying to convince her to embrace her dark roots. Her leap paid off. Check out how those darker roots give her hair depth and lend it the illusion of density.

Bonus: Play the Part

One small but very important extra tip to keep in mind is your part. Your stylist will cut your hair based on where you most often wear your part. Before getting a cut based on that same old part, ask him or her if your part should be in a different spot. Once you start to experiment pre-cut, you’ll find that simply moving your part a half-inch one way or the other gives your hair the appearance of more volume. Crosby agrees, “[Moving your part] gives instant lift at the root and can completely change a style for the better.” It’s such a simple move that can make all the difference for thinning hair.

Jamie’s Must-Have Products for Thicker Hair

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Read Jamie’s full-length original article on Today.com.