4 Top Tips to Speed Up Hair Growth

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 6th, 2015
4 Top Tips to Speed Up Hair Growth

How to speed up hair growth? There are a lot of theories out there. But very few can prove to actually accelerate the pace at which your tresses will grow (which is, on average, about a 1/2-inch per month). What you can do to maximize your hair growth and get healthier looking hair is all about your diet, your scalp and your hair strands themselves.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster… Or at Least Fuller

1. Start inside
Promoting hair growth starts from within. Eat a diet rich in marine proteins, vitamin C (red peppers), zinc (oysters), biotin (eggs), niacin (tuna) and iron (oysters) to nourish strands. If improving your diet is proving to be harder than you expected, never fear, there are always hair growth supplements for you. Try clinically researched hair growth vitamin supplements that are full of marine extracts, vitamins and minerals to nourish your follicles from within.

2. Mind the scalp
Although hair growth begins from within, without a healthy scalp, your hair can’t look its healthiest. Use a shampoo that gently exfoliates oil and debris from the scalp as well as a conditioner to moisturize scalp and hair. Another healthy scalp tip? Keep your scalp invigorated so that blood and, naturally, nutrients are allowed to flow to follicles. Try a healthy hair scalp serum with menthol and add in an invigorating scalp massage for good measure. The key here is maintaining the ideal scalp environment to promote your best hair growth.

3. Healthy looking ends
By now, you’ve got the message: healthy hair growth begins deep inside with your diet and can be inhibited by an unhealthy scalp. But even if you nourish hair and scalp perfectly, your hair will not grow healthily if it’s prone to breakage and damage. So visit the hairdresser for regular trims every 6-8 weeks to rid locks of damaged ends. (Bonus: hair will look thicker when not weighed down by split, dry ends.) Another tip is to minimize heat styling. Keep heat tools below 340 degrees Fahrenheit (even lower if your hair is fine or damaged). Flat irons or other heat tools at 400 degrees or more start to break down the keratins in hair strands.

The name of the hair game is not how to speed hair growth. It is how to promote healthy looking, thicker hair growth starting from the inside, complemented by a healthy scalp and improving the look of this healthy hair growth by minimizing damaged locks. After all, what good is speeding up hair growth if your hair looks damaged, thin and unhealthy?

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