5 Haircuts for Instantly Fuller-Looking Hair (No Extensions Needed!)

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 28th, 2017

Your fine, thin hair may be in dire need of a volume boost. But there are only so many lifting sprays or dry shampoos a girl can use. And let’s face it: two hours later, you’ll just have to re-apply them.

Now, you might be thinking, this post isn’t for me because I’ve got the thin hair secret. I’ll get fabulous extensions sewn into my roots and… voilà! Thick, luscious Gigi Hadid-esque hair. Not so fast! Those sew-in extensions can be super-damaging to hair. Meaning that when you eventually take them out, your already-fine hair could look more damaged and just all-around worse than before.

That’s why expert hairstylists constantly work hard to come up with the best haircuts to give your fine, thin hair real volume. That’s right, these are long-term solutions (well, 4-8 weeks at least!) for your thin hair blues.

Whether you prefer your hair longer or you’re up to chop it all off, Juan Carlos Maciques, go-to celeb hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon New York, says giving thin hair volume is just a matter of finding the right cut.

Just be sure to avoid overly layered or shaggy cuts, Maciques warns, because these can look more straggly than voluminous. Here are his five best haircuts for fine hair, originally posted on InStyle.com.

Top 5 Haircuts to Make Hair Appear Thicker & Fuller

Longer Hair

If you’re not ready to give up on longer hair, Maciques recommends keeping it at mid-chest length. When thin hair grows beyond that point, it tends to look thinner.

Different hair densities and thicknesses dictate what cuts you can or can’t do to your hair, and a good stylist can walk you through that when you’re in their chair. But, says Maciques, ” a blunt cut is typically best if you are going to grow it long.”

Pixie Cut

For a fuss-free shorter cut that’s also “timeless in its appeal,” says Maciques, a pixie cut is the ay to go. “Think Michelle Williams or Mia Farrow in …Rosemary’s Baby,” he says. “It’s a great way to camouflage fine hair.”

Eye-Grazing Bangs

Have you been toying with taking the bangs plunge? Go for it! Fine, thin hair was made for fringe. Bangs are “rather genius” because they divert the eye to the front and give hair fullness right at the spot “where the eye automatically goes at first and instinctively,” says Maciques.

Aim for softer, eye-grazing bangs à la Alexa Chung’s. You can style longer bangs in a couple different ways: either part them in the middle or sweep them off to the side.

Asymmetrical Bob

If you’re feeling edgy, try an asymmetrical bob to add texture to thinner hair. Maciques recommends “a layered, graduated bob”, which maximizes the volumizing impact of your hair texture “since layering at this length now works to give movement to the hair.” Meaning that you can add different lengths and pieces without losing the impact of that added texture.

Blunt Lob

Yes, a blunt lob is super-flattering for fine, thin hair too. In fact, says Maciques, “the more geometric and blunt you make these cuts, the fuller hair density appears.”

Here’s where Maciques’s minimal-layers rule comes in, though. With this cut it’s not about adding layers for density and volume. Instead, “keep the bottom of the hair looking dense and therefore seeming thicker.”

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