5 Tips for Faster Hair Growth in a Week

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 5th, 2016
5 steps to faster hair growth in a week

Although there is no solution for noticeable hair growth overnight, there are a few simple changes that you can make to your hair growth that will take less than a week and will immediately help your hair start to grow faster — or at least appear to.

It’s not just the shampoo and conditioner you use — simple lifestyle changes can create a better growth environment for your hair. Your hair will start on the road to gorgeous growth within a week if you make it a point to make these changes.

5 Tips for Growing Long Hair in a Week

  • Add essential oils to stimulate your scalp
  • Step up your conditioner
  • Add more protein to your diet
  • Get your ends trimmed
  • Start taking a hair growth supplement

Let’s talk about how you can add these things to your routine in the next week to start seeing better results.

Easy Ways to Grow Your Hair in a Week

1. Add Essential Oils

Hair follicles are only 1-2 millimeters below the surface of the skin. Even though they’re so close to the surface, they need separate attention to make sure they’re nourished. This is where essential oils come in.

Essential oils can make an immediate difference in how well your hair grows. It will take less than a week to create an environment for growth by using essential oils to cleanse the scalp and increase blood circulation. When the circulation is good, your blood can better deliver nutrients to your follicles to encourage growth. Keeping the scalp clean makes sure that your hair is growing uninterrupted, without being held back by product buildup, or by scalp conditions like dandruff or psoriasis.

The two essential oils that we recommend adding to your hair care routine to see faster growth in just a week are peppermint and eucalyptus. Their antibacterial properties help clean the scalp to prevent buildup and clogged pores, and their antifungal properties will fight off infection. Peppermint and eucalyptus both invigorate the scalp to give it a tingly feeling, and they are also hypoallergenic so they are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

You can find small vials of essential oils online for a relatively low price. To add them to your hair care routine, all you have to do is massage a small amount into your scalp for about 30 seconds before washing your hair. Add them to your routine and your hair will start growing faster — you can actually feel it working!

2. Step up Your Conditioner

Improving your conditioning routine can make an instant impact on how well your hair grows. A good conditioner will make your hair resilient to damage and breakage in less than a week so it can grow uninterrupted.

There are two keys to a better conditioning routine: choosing the right product and choosing the right frequency. With so many different products available, it can be hard to decide which conditioner to choose. It comes down to personal preference and your hair type. Here’s an easy guide that you can reference if you don’t know what type is best-suited for your hair:

  • Fine/flat hair — find a volumizing conditioner to add thickness and texture without adding extra weight
  • Wavy hair — a lightweight moisturizing conditioner is key. It will prevent your hair from frizzing and drying out
  • Curly hair — look for a deep-hydrating conditioner that can really penetrate your strands to help seal in moisture

As for frequency, the general rule of thumb to follow is to condition your hair every time it’s wet. Even on days that you don’t wash your hair, a quick conditioning (often called co-washing) will keep your hair moisturized, especially in the hot summer months. Once you find the right conditioner, you’ll feel the benefits in less than a week.

3. Add More Protein to Your Diet

A protein called keratin makes up about 90% of your hair’s structure. When your body doesn’t produce enough keratin, your hair strands are much more prone to breakage and will not grow to their full potential.

The USDA recommends that women aged 31-50 should eat at least 5 ounces of protein per day, and women aged 19-30 should get at least 5 ½ ounces. If you really want to get the best results, don’t eat just any protein. We recommend marine proteins (i.e. fish and seafood). Not only is this a high-quality protein that is low in saturated fats, it also contains essential fatty acids that your hair can use to grow even thicker and healthier looking. Adding marine proteins to your diet doesn’t even take a week — you can add them to your diet right now and start reaping the benefits immediately. Bonus: you can also take a hair growth supplement like Viviscal, which contains marine extracts.

4. Get Your Ends Trimmed

One of the quickest ways to give your hair growth a boost is to get a haircut. We’re often told never to cut our hair if we want it to grow as long as possible, but having split, unhealthy ends can weigh down your hair and make it more prone to damage. Trimming your ends will also help restore your hair’s bounce, giving  it an instant look of volume and thickness.

The ends are the oldest, most brittle part of our hair. Making sure the whole strand is healthy looking and strong will help it seem to grow faster and thicker.

Visit your hairdresser in the next couple days to get rid of your damaged ends. Your hair will start to grow faster in less than a week simply because it no longer has to compensate for your damaged ends. Make it a habit to get them trimmed every month or so to make sure your strands are staying as healthy as possible, and that all the nutrients you’re putting in your body are being put to good use.

5. Start Taking a Hair Growth Supplement

A solid hair growth supplement is one of the quickest ways to see better hair growth. Not to say that a supplement will create noticeable growth in a week, but it definitely takes less than a week to add a quality supplement into your daily routine.

A complete hair growth supplement will give you a boost from the inside out with the vitamins and nutrients that will supercharge your follicles. It should include ingredients like biotin, marine extracts, B vitamins and vitamin C. These nutrients are often missing from our diets and it can be hard to find a food that satisfies these needs.

Adding a daily hair growth vitamin like Viviscal Extra Strength gives your follicles what they need to stay strong and extend the hair growth cycle. After just one week, your hair will start responding to the growth nutrients and you’ll start to see results within a few short months.

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