6 Essential Summer Tips for Healthy, Naturally Curly Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 23rd, 2017

While summer is the season of fun, hot, humid weather can also make maintaining healthy, curly hair a full-time job. 

Below are six essential curly hair tips for summer.  

Curly Hair in Hot Weather: How to Maintain Summer Curls

     1. Avoid Heat Tools

Keeping your summer curls away from heat tools is one of the best things you can do. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, adding more heat, like hair dryers or curling irons, will only exhaust your hair, dry it out, and may even cause your ends to split. 

Summer Curly Hair Routine

Avoid using heat tools and let your natural curls come through. It will help preserve hydration in your hair and prevent breakage. If you have a lot of outdoor plans, consider wearing a head covering to keep UV exposure to a minimum. 

     2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Naturally curly hair can be difficult to hydrate. Curly hair tends to be more porous than straight or wavy hair types, which means that it doesn’t hold onto moisture well. Porous hair tends to be able to absorb moisture fast, but the large gaps in the cuticle mean it loses water almost as quickly. 

Summer Curly Hair Routine

Try hydrating and conditioning treatments like oils or butter to help moisturize. Skip anything with sulfates as these can be drying. When looking for products, try a hydrating protein treatment. Porous hair is often protein deficient, so adding a protein treatment can help boost your hair health.

     3. Take Hair Vitamins

It’s important to maintain healthy hair growth by eating a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals. A vitamin or mineral deficiency can make hair appear dull, feel dry, or can cause breakage. Keep your summer curls healthy by ensuring you are receiving proper nutrition. 

Summer Curly Hair Routine

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     4. Use a Silk Pillowcase

A way to prevent frizzy hair is to use silk accessories in your hair. Friction from cotton pillowcases and tight elastic hairbands can damage your hair cuticle and leave your curls dull and frizzy.

Summer Curly Hair Routine

Using silk headscarves, hair ties, or pillowcases can help your hair retain moisture which combats frizz. Silk or satin pillowcases also help reduce friction in your hair, which can help keep down frizz. 

     5. Wear Protective Styles

Styling your hair in protective styles helps keep your natural summer curls healthy and bouncy. Wearing protective styles has many benefits than just controlling curly hair at the beach. Protective styles help:

  • Keep your hair hydrated longer
  • Prevents breakage
  • Reduces the need for heating tools
  • Reduce frizz

Summer Curly Hair Routine

The key to wearing protective styles is to make sure they are always loose. Also, never style your hair while it is dripping wet. Try loose buns, braids, or twists to protect your hair. Before putting your hair up, use moisturizing oils, like jojoba oil to keep your strands smooth and conditioned. 

     6. Detangle Regularly

Your hair can get tangled and knotted easier with the heat and humidity. Keeping your hair detangled prevents strands from breaking. 

Summer Curly Hair Routine

Some detangling best practices are:

  • Detangle when your hair is wet, not dry
  • Use conditioning treatments on your ends before your detangle
  • Use a wide tooth comb 
  • Start at the ends and slowly make your way to the roots

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What are your favorite curly hair tips for summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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