Hair, Yes! 6 Hacks for Operation Anti-Breakage

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 22nd, 2018
Anti-breakage hair tips

Hair breakage: it’s something that nearly everyone has and no one wants. There are several reasons for hair breakage, whether it be chemical hair treatments or even rough handling of the hair. Regardless of the cause, here are 6 easy ways to prevent hair breakage.

6 Anti-Breakage Hair Hacks

1. Take a break from chemicals.

One of the most common sources of hair breakage is too many chemicals—usually over-coloring. Just because a person can change hair colors often doesn’t mean that it’s always a good idea. Different hair types are prone to different levels of damage too. Some people have more damage-prone hair and perhaps should not color at all.

Of course, there are other potentially damaging chemical treatments to keep in mind: relaxers, keratin treatments, perms, Brazilian blowouts. Regardless of the innovations in chemical technology, hair is weakened by these treatments and breakage can occur.

2. Take a break from heat styling.

Heat styling is another common cause of breakage—flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers. Technology has evolved both for styling tools and heat-protectant products, which help reduce damage. However, these do not combat weak hair on their own. Occasionally, take a break from any and all heat styling (including blow drying) to help restore hair health.

3. Do not brush wet hair.

Even if your hair is healthy, another simple way to prevent breakage is to never brush wet hair. When wet, hair stretches up to 50% of its length before returning to its original length. While dry hair only stretches about 20%. This means that it’s much easier to break hair when it’s wet, so avoid the brush and just use a wide-tooth comb. Better yet, comb your hair in the shower after applying conditioner. The conditioner acts like a barrier, preventing breakage, and the comb allows you to distribute it more evenly.

4. Switch to anti-breakage and strengthening hair products.

The products you use on your hair can make a world of difference. Anti-breakage hair products have special ingredients that help seal, protect and strengthen the hair, fortifying it against the ever-present problems of weakness and breakage. You may not realize that the hair products you use actually can do your hair more harm than good. Products such as Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo help to improve the condition of your hair. Viviscal Shampoo gently cleanses, leaving hair looking naturally thicker and fuller. Our formula also has Biotin, Keratin and Zinc to promote healthy looking hair growth. Pair it with the lightweight Viviscal Densifying Conditioner to help protect hair from further damage so it can restore its health. Whether your breakage is from dryness, over-styling abuse, or your hair is simply damage-prone, revitalize your hair with anti-breakage products that promote strength.

5. Do a deep-conditioning treatment.

Depending on the level and frequency of your breakage, deep conditioners and reconstructors may help your hair’s health. Deep conditioners provide intensive moisture, which helps to protect hair from further damage. Reconstructors help to repair the damage, feeding the internal structure of the hair with some type of protein. Both are essential to preventing further breakage. But don’t use a protein reconstructor too often or protein will build up on the hair and make it brittle. Twice a month to start is perfect if your hair has a lot of damage, transitioning to once a month after a couple of months.

6. Eat right for optimum health.

A healthy, balanced diet also will help strengthen hair against breakage, fortifying it from the inside out. Dryness is often a big cause of breakage, so drinking lots of water can help. In addition, veggies, fruits, sprouts, nuts, oats, fatty acids, and proteins help fuel and strengthen the hair from the inside. A hair supplement like Viviscal that supports healthy existing hair growth can fill in the gaps in your diet that could be affecting your hair.*

One last thing to remember: even if you want your hair to grow, get regular trims to help prevent breakage by cutting off any split ends before they become a problem. There’s no way around that. But if you follow all of these hair tips, you will be breakage-free in no time.