Does Argan Oil Help Hair Grow Faster?

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 1st, 2016
Faster Hair Growth with Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most highly touted essential oils for good reason. Known by some as “liquid gold,” argan oil is extremely rich in nutrients. Many women swear by argan oil as part of their hair care routine. But does it really help your hair grow faster? Let’s take a look at the benefits of argan oil and how it contributes to healthy, fast-growing hair.

Why Argan Oil Is Good for Your Hair

Argan oil is one of the best natural hair moisturizers for both men and women due to its richness. A lot of its therapeutic properties come from the large supply of vitamin A and vitamin E that it contains. Specifically, argan oil contains a vitamin E compound called tocopherol which boosts cell production and helps regenerate hair follicles. It penetrates your hair strands to nourish keratin, which is the building block of hair strands.

Argan oil is also known for its anti-oxidative properties. Its fatty acids, specifically omega-6 and linoleic acid, help it treat hair that has lost its shine due to over-styling, color treatments, weather, and even aging.

Does Argan Oil Help Hair Grow Faster?

Many people include argan oil in their hair care routine, either as an ingredient in their hair products or using it by itself. While argan oil itself has not been proven to regrow hair directly, it has been proven to improve the scalp environment, making it easier to help hair grow.

What do we mean by improving the scalp environment? In order for hair to grow to its full potential, the hair follicles must be nourished and blood flow improved to your follicles. This helps follicles get all the nutrients they need from your bloodstream. Argan oil helps do both of these things.

How to Use

Before applying argan oil to hair, be sure to exfoliate your scalp in order to clean and unclog your follicles. This will help ensure that the argan oil can properly penetrate follicles and give you the best results.

After exfoliating, here are the steps to properly apply argan oil:

  1. Shampoo and gently towel dry hair. (Remember to blot, not rub!) Don’t dry your hair completely.
  2. Put a few drops of argan oil on your fingertips and gently massage it into your scalp. Use circular motions and make sure to reach each part of your scalp. Continue for 15 minutes.
  3. Style your hair, and you’re good to go!

Massaging with your fingertips will help the argan oil penetrate your entire scalp to stimulate the blood flow that will feed your hair follicles. We recommend applying argan oil at least once a week to see the best results. After a few months of consistent use, you’ll see improvements in your hair texture, thickness, length, and shine.

Also, look into another one of our favorite essential oils, castor oil. It has similar properties as argan oil, it’s applied in a similar way, and it’s less expensive. If you can, alternate between both oils in order to get the best of both worlds.