Women are Discovering Benefits of Longer Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on January 28th, 2013
Benefits of long hair

Hair trends have changed a great deal over the last few decades, but longer hair was the norm for centuries. Maintaining longer hair stimulates the scalp, creating better blood flow, and current health and fashion trends favor a return to the astonishing beauty and styling versatility that only shining, healthy hair can achieve.

Long hair gives women extraordinary options for styling and creates volume and hair health. Runway trends show that longer styles have returned with a vengeance, but many women lack the skills and patience to face high-maintenance regimens. Fortunately, long hair need not intimidate or frighten you.

Practical tips to strengthen hair will make caring for longer styles simple and intuitive with a little practice. Remember that hair weight makes longer tresses easier to handle. Short, spiky cuts actually prove harder to manage and keep in place. You can gather your hair quickly and pin it to keep it out of your way when working, exercising, or doing other active tasks.

Healthy hair makes any style easier to manage. Instruct your stylist to trim the ends of your hair regularly, even if you are trying to grow hair longer. Hair grows at the same length when left alone, and even hair length adds the necessary strength to resist breakage. Uneven hair gets snagged, broken and torn more easily. When styling your hair, remember that the two sides of your face differ. People have a good side and a bad side. Parting your hair in the middle will always give the upper hand to your less attractive side. Only the most perfect faces call pull off this look effectively.

Most hair maintenance problems occur because people do not understand how to care for longer hair. Hair follicles expand during hot weather, and you need to treat hair differently than you would in winter. Slow-acting conditioners work best during summer. Leave cream conditioner on your hair for 10 or 12 minutes. In winter, limit the time you condition hair. Too much conditioning at any time of year can leave behind residues that turn hair flat and lifeless.

Your hair makes a definite statement about your grooming, health, and personal style. Hairstyles make a vital contribution to any ensemble, and women have prized hair as their greatest personal possession for centuries. Vibrant, beautiful hair attracts sexual interest and makes an enormous impression on anyone you meet. Your hair frames the face and softens sharp angles, concealing other imperfections. You can enjoy greater hair health, more versatile styling choices, and a more attractive appearance by choosing to keep your hair longer.