Best Hair Growth Vitamin for Fuller Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 4th, 2014
Biotin-Rich Almonds: The Best Hair Growth Vitamin

In a sea of expert opinions on the best hair growth vitamins and vitamins for hair loss, professionals may differ on the best hair growth vitamin for fuller hair. For every fan of Biotin, there are proponents for the hair growth properties of marine proteins, Iron, Zinc, Flax Seed, Horsetail Extract and more. So what hair growth vitamin or nutrient should you try? We weigh the facts and the myths behind the hair growth properties of Biotin, Iron and Vitamin D.

Biotin: The Best Hair Growth Vitamin?

The star vitamin in the hair growth galaxy for beauty experts and dermatologists is Biotin. Technically known as Vitamin B7 (or Vitamin H), nourishing hair follicles with Biotin has been shown to promote hair growth, thicken hair strands and even prevent hair loss – no wonder some call it the best hair growth vitamin. To get more Biotin in your diet, eat more nuts like almonds, root vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes, and eggs. Or try supplements for hair growth like Viviscal. Two tablets of Viviscal Extra Strength provide 80% of an adult’s recommended daily value of Biotin.

Getting Enough Vitamin C for Hair Growth

It may not be well-known for its hair growth benefits, but Vitamin C is an unsung hero when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth. A definite front-runner for the best hair growth vitamin, Vitamin C helps to form collagen, a key component of hair, plus it facilitates the absorption of Iron in the body. And Iron deficiency (anemia) can cause hair loss. You probably already know to eat oranges to get Vitamin C, but it can also be found in red peppers, blueberries and even broccoli. Missing C-rich foods in your diet? Your daily dose of Viviscal Extra Strength will give you nearly twice your daily requirement. Vitamin C is water-soluble so the body flushes any excess out of your system.

Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Hair Loss

Hair growth myth vs. fact: can vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss? Although vitamin D deficiency is more commonly linked to conditions like cardiovascular disease, cognitive problems in later life, or cancer, a study at Cairo University recently found a connection between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss among women. Vitamin D can’t yet be called a contender for the best hair growth vitamin – more studies must be done before drawing that conclusion. But hey, Vitamin D is a great excuse to take advantage of the last of the summer sun – just don’t forget your sunscreen!

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