A Haircut Can Give You Thicker-Looking Hair. Here’s How…

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 6th, 2016
best haircuts for thin hair

Thin-haired girls know that heat and humidity is not our friend. Whereas curly girls get frizzy volume, summer humidity makes our locks lie flat and limp. That’s why we found the best haircuts of 2016 for your thin tresses. Not only will these looks give your hair more volume and bounce, but shorter layered styles will keep you cool as the mercury rises.

Get the inside scoop on the sleeker, cooler styles we’re spotting everywhere this summer. Find the best haircut trends for your hair type and hair texture. Plus, get the best styling tricks to help you create density and volume all summer long.

First Thing’s First: Find the One (Hairstylist)

Before you can even begin to click and swipe for your perfect haircut, be sure that when you bring your dream cut to the salon, you are in the hands of an expert. Fact: finding a hairstylist that specializes in fine, thin hair can make a big difference.

When looking for a hairstylist it’s essential to find someone who understands the best cutting techniques that create natural fullness and thickness. For example, bangs typically do not complement someone with fine, thin hair. Bangs can take away from the overall appearance of volume rather than adding to it because the hair being shortened into bangs would have added volume to the back or the sides of hair. To get the best haircut for thin hair, you must first find a stylist who understands these needs of thin-haired girls.

Once you’ve found your hairstylist match, you’re officially ready to take on any cut that works best for fine hair. Now, take a look at these expert styling tricks to make the most of your new cut and help you add depth and volume!

Styling Tricks for Fine & Thin Hair

Keeping your hairstyle easy and low-maintenance is critical. We want to spend less time on styling our hair and still have it look great. Along with cutting hair into a style that is low maintenance, there are also small styling tricks can be used to create the appearance of volume…

Play the Part

The direction of your hair part is so important, there is actually a study that examines it, called the Hair Part Theory. For thin-haired ladies, changing your part can make a huge difference in the volume of your hair. For example, a middle part elongates the face. A side part highlights the cheeks and forehead, giving the appearance of a fuller face and more voluminous hair.

Color Theory

In addition to a getting a haircut that creates volume, choose hair color that helps add the look of fullness to fine hair. Choosing a deeper and darker color at the roots, and then highlighting other areas help enhance hair to look more volumized, especially with longer haircuts.

2016 Best Haircut Trends for Fine, Thin Hair

Low-maintenance cuts are key this year. From blunt bobs to lobs, here are the best haircuts of 2016 that look best on fine and thin hair.


The bob is a great way to add density to thin hair. The 90’s are back. From cuts with volume at the crown, to chin- and shoulder-length cuts, the bob is a great way to highlight facial features and create the look of volume. Keep a bob youthful and modern with neutral lips and bold brows.

Blunt Bob Cuts

No matter the length, a blunt cut is a great option if you have fine or thin hair. Cutting a bob creates a strong line that adds the illusion of volume and length because the ends are blunt. However, be warned that blunt cuts require more time to style, since waves created by a curling iron pair nicely with this cut.


One of the most buzzed-about haircut is the lob, or “long bob”. Lobs work with almost any hair texture, and are very versatile whether you want your hair to look messy, wavy or sleek. The cut is ideal if you need a quick morning routine because the layers make it versatile and very easy to style.

Long Lengths

Believe it or not, longer hair can still look great and add depth to thin, fine locks. However, if you choose a longer cut, be sure to add some layers at the front to frame the face. Add long, lightweight layers to add movement and bounce to hair.

The Myth of Extensions

After hair is cut into a new style, you may be tempted to add extensions to change up your look and add length. Be forewarned that extensions can tear hair and cause traction alopecia. This can add to hair thinning and damage, making thin hair look even thicker.

The Dos and Don’ts of Haircuts for Thin Hair

  • Do not cut layers in the back
  • Do vary the location of your part to add volume and dimension
  • Do use hair color to add depth and volume
  • Do not cut bangs
  • Do use hair fibers to add the look of volume and cover thinning hair
  • Do not get a haircut that requires a lot of heat styling that would damage already-fine hair