The Best Products & Styling Tools for Fine Hair

by Colleen Welsch on May 30th, 2019
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Having fine hair is not a life sentence, dooming you to forever battle lifeless locks that lack volume. With the right know-how, even fine hair can be voluminous, bouncy, and healthy-looking. All you need are the right products and styling tools to transform fine, thin locks! Keep reading for our favorite products for fine hair.

8 Must-Have Products for Fine Hair

Best Leave-In Volumizing Treatment

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir is the ultimate body-boosting elixir for thicker, fuller hair. The unique thickening formula with Biotin, Zinc, Keratin and an exclusive complex called Ana:Tel™ nourishes strands to make them look thicker. To use, apply 2 to 3 pumps to damp hair or dry hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Then, style hair as usual.

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Best Hair Growth Supplement

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health supplements top the list for a tried-and-true secret for thicker and fuller hair. Beauty editors and stylists love it because it actually nourishes the follicles, promoting thicker, fuller hair growth from the inside out, for all hair types. Two tablets a day have an exclusive marine complex, AminoMar™, plus hair-healthy vitamins and minerals, to deliver clinically proven hair growth results in as little as three months.*

Best Brush for Damaged or Fine, Fragile Hair

A round boar-bristle brush is best for fine hair because its bristles are gentler on delicate, thin strands. The round shape allows you to easily add volume while blow drying and styling your hair. Secret hairstylist tip: spray bristles with a static cling spray, allow spray to dry, and then brush through to style. This will protect against flyaways.

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Best Curling Iron for Tousled Curls

You already know you should avoid heat-styling your hair too often. But when nothing but tousled, perfectly imperfect curls will do, the best curling iron is a rotating curling wand. Unlike a conventional iron, you position a rotating wand upright. Then, clamp a section in the barrel, and select either right or left rotation, depending on which side you’re curling. Then hit go, hold for a few seconds, and release it for a head of bouncy, salon-worthy curls in about 10 minutes. This tool is easy for just about anyone to use.

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Best Rollers for Bouncy Curls

Hot rollers are a good choice when you just need a heat styler to give you full, bouncy, flirty hair. If you’ve never used hot rollers before, they’re easy. Start with clean, dry hair. Divide hair into at least four sections (more sections will give you more curls). Wrap each section around a hot roller and pin to secure. Allow the rollers to set the curls. Then gently remove each roller and finger comb through the curls. Use a fine mist of hairspray to finish the look.

Best Nourishing Shampoo for Fine Hair

Lay the foundation for gorgeous hair with Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo. This gentle shampoo cleans product build-up from strands without stripping the hair’s natural oils, leaving your hair looking thicker and fuller. Plus, it has a botanical fragrance leaves hair infused with a refreshing scent that lasts.

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Best Lightweight Conditioner for Healthy-Looking Volume

Choosing a conditioner for fine hair is truly a balancing act. On one hand, you need extra moisture to keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage. On the other hand, too much moisture can weigh hair down.

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner is a lightweight conditioner that leaves hair looking and feeling fuller, thicker and gorgeously shiny. It’s formulated with nourishing Biotin, Zinc, Keratin and Ana:Tel™, a proprietary complex that includes naturally derived ingredients such as pea sprouts. Use after every hair wash for best results.

Best Dry Shampoo for Fine Hair

Fine hair tends to get oily and lose volume more quickly, which is why we love Batiste® Dry Shampoo for fine hair. Spritz into roots to absorb excess oils so you can extend your blowout to day three and beyond! Plus, dry shampoo can add texture to fine, soft hair. Just spray onto clean hair in any place you’d like a little more texture and grip for styling!

What are your favorite tools and products for fine hair? Let us know in the comments!

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