Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 30th, 2010

For those struggling with cancer, and possibly chemotherapy, hair loss should be the last thing they are concerned about. But for 45-year-old Cathy Fisher, losing her hair “was devastating and marked the lowest point in her illness.”

“I woke up one morning feeling like death and I looked at the pillow and there was my hair. It was devastating.”

Fisher recalls not being able to wear a scarf or wig when it was too hot out and how people would stare at her.

Fisher now volunteers at Breast Cancer Care’s Headstrong service, a program in the UK, which provides support from other cancer patients who lost their hair during treatment.

“Yes, you will learn how to tie a scarf and be shown how to look after your scalp, but the biggest thing is the understanding and being able to talk to someone who’s been there and knows how it feels,” says Fisher. “As soon as I was told what Headstrong offers, I was immediately interested because it would have made a real difference to me.”

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