The Connection between Smoking and Hair Loss

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 9th, 2015
Does smoking cause hair loss

There is no shortage of reasons to throw that pack of cigarettes in the trash, but some recent studies claim to add another to the list. These papers have expressed links between smoking and hair loss, with claims rooted in the science of blood circulation and liver function.

Does smoking cause hair loss?

Long-term smokers notoriously suffer from poor circulation. Your blood is the vehicle through which oxygen and vital nutrients are delivered to the body. The efficient supply and free flow of your blood is what keeps your body healthy. Your hair follicles are certainly no different, but how can smoking cause hair loss?

In order to maintain healthy hair growth, your hair follicles require a generous supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Some studies claim that for smokers, hair loss can worsen as impaired circulation leads to the inefficient supply of these nutrients.

Although the science supports this claim, the connection between smoking and hair loss is not as closely linked as other hormonal or hereditary factors. Despite the links between smoking, hair loss and blood supply, many smokers have an adequate (albeit sub-optimal) circulatory function. If this level of circulation is sufficient to take you up a flight of stairs, it will most likely support some level of normal hair growth.

Of course, as a hair expert, I would always recommend that you give up smoking. The health risks are undisputed and it certainly does not help promote healthy hair growth. There are even claims that chemicals in smoke are toxic for hair follicles. However, personally, I find that practicing proper nutrition is the most critical factor in tackling hair loss.

Even if circulation is unimpaired, your body will be unable to supply adequate nutrients to your hair follicles if they are missing from your diet. By taking Viviscal Extra Strength you can be confident that you are getting the key ingredients to fight hair loss by promoting healthy hair from within. This drug free approach saves you the stress of radically changing your existing diet, providing a blend of vitamins, minerals and the unique marine complex AminoMar®, which is targeted specifically for healthy hair.

So, does smoking cause hair loss or not? There are indications that it does, but this is intrinsically linked to your overall health. Connections constantly emerge between thinning strands and smoking, smoking and female hair loss, smoking and premature thinning and even the disputed link between toxins in cigarettes and damaging hair follicles. A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the possible link between premature graying, smoking and hair loss. All of these connections between smoking and hair loss are backed by some scientific principles, but what is important is the one point which is no longer disputed. Smoking is bad for your overall health.

The best thing you can do to nourish your hair from within is to create a fantastic environment for hair growth. So throw that pack in the trash, and make sure you supply your body with all the nutrients it needs to promote existing growth and give your beloved locks some TLC.