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What Is Hair Slugging?

by Colleen Welsch on May 27th, 2022

     You might be familiar with the skin slugging trend, but did you know you can also do hair slugging? This technique has several advantages, and we recommend giving it a try.      Not sure what hair slugging is? We’ll tell what this hair care process is, the benefits, and the best products […]

The Best Hairstyles for Traction Alopecia

by Viviscal Hair Expert on December 10th, 2021

This post was originally published on August 17, 2017.  Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by stress, but not the emotional kind of stress. Traction alopecia is caused by the physical stress put on the scalp from excessive tugging and pulling on the hair. The number one culprit of traction alopecia? Hairstyles that pull tightly […]

9 Volumizing Hair Hacks for Flat Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on November 12th, 2021

This blog post was originally published on February 15, 2018.  “Why is my hair so flat?” That’s one of the top questions we get here at Viviscal. If you’re experiencing flat hair, don’t fret. We have some simple styling techniques that can rejuvenate limp hair for voluminous, lush-looking locks. Keep reading to learn our best […]