Martino Provides Tips On Styling Thinning Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 5th, 2012
Martino tips for styling thinning hair
Martino Cartier – NJ

Chicago, IL (September 2012) – Viviscal Professional – the leading, hair growth supplements for combating thinning hair and hair loss – is dedicated to helping people deal with fine, thinning hair issues, as well as offering professional advice on the latest tips and tricks to keep hair looking fantastic throughout the year.

Martino Cartier, celebrity stylist, salon owner, industry platform artist and founder of the charity Friends are by Your Side, recently sat down with Viviscal Professional and shared some of his tips and advice for clients with fine and thin hair.

Which cuts are best to use for clients with fine, thin hair?

“When cutting hair for my clients with fine, thin hair, I find over-direction layering very important and useful, but it’s important to never layer too heavily in the back. Over-direction layering is a technique that involves elevating the hair straight out from the head, then placing it the opposite direction the hair would fall. This allows clients with fine or thin hair to have the full, thick hair look.”

What’s hot right now for fine, thinning hair?

Shorter cuts are very in right now and are a popular – and great – choice for clients who have fine or thinning hair. “Bob” styles are one of the latest and most gorgeous trends for Fall. The “bob” is designed to add more volume to hair, and hide any visible scalp. Depending on the length of the cut, it is important to use subtle layering and texture to hide visible scalp and add fresh movement.

Fall hair color trends…

This year, bold, bright hair colors – in every shade you can imagine – are so on trend and keep growing in popularity. This is the season to be creative. The best advice I can give is to color the root area the same, or a similar color/tone of client’s scalp if possible. Doing this will make the scalp less visible, which is one area of concern for clients.

What basic tips do you have for clients with fine, thin hair?

A really useful tip I give to my clients who use styling products is to make sure their hair is completely dry first.  It’s something that is not thought about a lot, but if product is used on wet hair, the scalp is abundantly more visible.

Where do you see hair trends going for the fall and winter months?

Clients with fine, thin hair will always be a bit more limited on the hairstyles they have if they want to hide any visible scalp. Styles that use over-direction layering will become very popular because they hide the scalp and add life and body to fine, thin hair. As I mentioned, the “bob” is a popular, gorgeous trend right now, but I see it evolving into something a little longer.

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