Choosing Whether to Begin DHT Therapy

by Viviscal Hair Expert on March 23rd, 2017
DHT Therapry and hair loss in men

DHT blockers help to prevent the hormone testosterone from reacting with 5-alpha reductase and producing dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which bonds with androgen receptors at the root of hair follicles and interrupts the normal hair-growth cycle by denying nutrients to hair shafts.

FDA-approved treatments that block DHT help arrest thinning hair and stimulate dormant follicles to resume normal growth. The treatments can be expensive and require continuous maintenance, and they sometimes generate side effects. Deciding whether to begin DHT blocker therapy depends on your self-image, facial structure, possible health complications and personal preferences about hair.

Thinning Hair Styles Complement Some Faces

You might only need to make some changes to your hair style to make hair look fuller, more lively and playful. Short haircuts complement thin hair by making it look thicker and healthier. Bobs create volume, and choppy layers add texture to thin, flat hair. Short cuts add width to thin faces but could prove unappealing for oval or wide faces. Layers soften the edges of triangular faces and strengthen character in round faces that don’t have particularly strong features. Curly styles complement square jaws and soften facial lines to provide an aesthetically pleasing balance.

Tips for Managing Thin Hair

Thinning hair in menRegardless of styling strategy, try to keep your thinning hair as healthy as possible. Use combs and brushes designed for thin hair to minimize breakage. Hair dryers and heat treatments damage hair, so use them sparingly and for special occasions, but take advantage of shorter styles for shampoo-and-go convenience.



  • Use cool heat settings and keep dryers six to eight inches from the hair.
  • Try volumizing shampoos and conditioners to make hair appear fuller.
  • You can hide thin spots by lightening hair color to make hair look more like the scalp.
  • Wigs, weaves and hair replacements offer viable alternatives if short or thin hairstyles don’t complement your face or personal style.

Personal Style and Appearance Influence Your Decision

Some people consider hair a crowning glory while others only care about fashion because of social or business pressures. Attractive hairstyles bring social and business benefits, increase self-confidence and demonstrate your personal sense of style. Both men and women can look attractive with thin hair or pursue various cosmetic options to improve their appearances. Deciding whether to begin DHT blocker therapy depends on how important your hair is to your self-image, how hair affects your appearance, budgetary concerns, possible side effects and other factors. DHT therapy, however, offers real hope for restoring thinning hair and strengthening hair health.

If you are looking for hair growth solutions, check out hair growth supplements that will give you the nutrition you need for fuller hair.