Have Fun with Your Hair This Summer

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 21st, 2013

Sunscreen is important.

This does not only apply to your face, body and overall skin, but also for your hair as well. Too often we forget about our hair until it is so dry, frizzy and unruly that we cannot do a thing with it. Sure, there are plenty of oil treatments and conditioners, but there are preventative measures also available. Although our hair does not get sunburn or cancer from exposure to the sun, it most certainly can get dry, weak and brittle. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. Damaged hair is difficult to style and maintain. You can use the same sunscreen on both your skin and your hair, however; regular sunscreen sprays and lotions can make your hair feel weighted down and greasy.

When shopping for hair protective sunscreen, it doesn’t matter whether it is a spray or lotion. More important is an SPF of at least 15. SPF is the “Sun Protection Factor” or rating of sunscreens. An SPF 15 filters 92% of the harmful UV or ultraviolet rays. Putting this in perspective, let’s use a person who sunburns within 10 minutes of sun exposure for an example. This person, while wearing sunscreen with a SPF of 15, is delayed a sunburn by 150 minutes which allows him or her to remain in the sun 15 times longer without burning. A quality sunscreen for your hair provides the same protection keeping your hair silky, soft and free of split ends. While a hat provides a SPF of 3-6, a spray or lotion would be a better option for maximum prevention. Or better yet, use both. Many shampoos and conditioners contain sunscreen in order to protect and condition your hair at the same time.

Chemically treated hair, which is hair that has been highlighted, tinted, and/or permanently waved or straightened, is at a considerably higher risk of sun damage. Blow dryers, curling irons, and flat-ironed straighteners dry the hair creating split ends with a “frizzed” look. Adding additional damage from sun exposure will only make this worse. Just as important as your skin, using a sunscreen on your hair before sun exposure will help prevent damage keeping it youthful, healthy and shining beautiful.