In-Style Hair for Spring 2013

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 14th, 2013

New York Fashion Week brings together the latest fashion styles, makeup trends and hairstyles for spring in a celebrity-inspired event that captures the world’s attention. This year, the latest spring hairstyles followed a common theme of unconventional style, disheveled volume and knotted dos that borrowed accessories from gardens, sports activities and bizarre headgear, such as beekeepers’ nets.

Knotted Hair, Tousled Curls and Fishtail Braids

The theme of fishtail braids appeared as the crowning touch in many top-designer collections, reversing last year’s trend of elegant chignons and carefully executed French braids. Twisted side ponytails, bed hair and hair that looks wet from the shower also figured prominently as complements to spring fashion collections. Braids have retained their popularity for several seasons now, appearing more frequently in haunted hairstyles, half-braided, unfinished styles and nonchalant, wet ponytails.

Diagonal hairstyles with side parts create wearable art that balances many kinds of facial bone structures. Centered parts work best for women with perfect features because these symmetrical looks always emphasize the least attractive side of the face. Unique ponytails, messy braids and minimalist looks offer greater volume, easy maintenance, brilliant style and flattering looks for most women.

Fishtail Braids Capture Spring 2013 in a Loose Net

Curly, dry and frizzy hair works well when put in carefree fishtail or herringbone braids. You might fear that this style is harder to achieve than regular braids, but the disheveled look of this year’s top celebrities leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Jennifer Lawrence sports this look in The Hunger Games, and designers have embraced the style in low ponytails, off-center side styles and asymmetrical twin braids. Many women create simple adornments by including small fishtail braids in front or back to make volumized hair pop.

Creating the Fishtail Braid

Gather the hair you want to braid in a ponytail and separate it into two sections instead of three. You recreate the third braid with small hair sections with each braiding turn.

  1. Hold both sections of hair in one hand, keeping them separate with your index finger.
  2. Separate a small section of hair, and from one-half of the hair braid it the opposite way. Then, repeat the process with the other half.
  3. You can make your braid as tightly or loosely as you choose, but current vogue favors the relaxed, tousled look.
  4. The braid will be hard to see until you have progressed fairly far along the hair.
  5. You can secure the end with a tie or band, spray the hair with product and pull the braid into a loose, relaxed look.

You can use curling irons to help manage curly or frizzy hair, and sleep on wet hair to add volume to fine hair with minimal attention. Wake up, spray your fine, wet hair with volumizing hairspray and proceed to arrange an off-center ponytail, loose chignon or fishtail braid.

Creating a Look that Suggests You Just Rolled Out of Bed

You can use braids to add volume and create a naturally untidy look. This simple technique helps to add volume to fine hair and creates an undone texture. Braid damp hair at night and spray with your favorite hair product, securing the ends with bands or clips. In the morning, loosen clips and use your hands or a wide-tooth comb to fluff hair and create the bed-head look.

Spring hairstyles favor all kinds of braids, off-center ponytails, wet-hair looks, loose hair knots and untidy chignons. You can create trendy fishtail braids more easily than you think and match the style of fashion trendsetters like Hailee Steinfeld, who wowed fans at the New York Fashion Week show. These braided styles look fun and fresh, and you can learn how to braid your hair quickly. Remember that practice makes your fishtail braid imperfect and stylish.