Hair Growth Rate – How Long it Takes to Have Beautiful Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 28th, 2014
Hair growth rate - style healthy hair

Do you know your hair growth rate? It varies for every person depending on heredity, diet, medication, age, stress level or other underlying factors such as illness. We all know that when we get a bad haircut, it seems like forever to regrow hair. In fact, hair grows at about half a millimeter every day, half an inch every month and a maximum of about 6 inches every year. On average, we have 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on our head at any given time, and hair sheds at a an average rate of 100 to 150 strands every single day. During pregnancy, many women notice this rate speeds up significantly, but post pregnancy, that new growth generally sheds very suddenly (an upsetting situation for many women – but don’t worry, your hair generally will rebound by the baby’s first birthday). During menopause, women’s hair growth rate slows and hair becomes thinner and weaker. Illness or cancer treatment also slows hair growth rate or causes hair loss. Good healthy diet for fuller hair, hair care and reducing stress can help boost the hair growth rate and slow hair loss. But if you have a health condition or are undergoing cancer treatment, always consult a doctor before you make a major change to your diet or start any vitamin supplement regimen. See our expert-recommended hair tips to boost hair growth and keep hair looking healthy while you wait for your hair to grow.

Expert Tips to Healthy, Thicker Hair – No Matter Your Hair Growth Rate

  1. Get regular trims. All the experts agree, getting regular haircuts every 6-8 weeks helps hair look healthier and even look thicker. Trim dead and split ends to make hair look shinier and healthier, and removing dead ends will also minimize breakage and shedding.
  2. Condition and shampoo smart. Use a deep conditioner to minimize hair breakage and use a gentle shampoo to avoid stripping sebum, or oil, from hair strands to keep it looking healthy.
  3. Eat right. You’ve heard it before and we’ll tell you again. A healthy hair diet is one that is a balanced mix of B vitamins, Iron, Zinc and high-quality proteins, including salmon and other sources of omega-3 fish oil as well as lean meat, chicken and legumes. These foods help nourish hair follicles to promote the health and growth of the existing hair. Too busy to eat healthy? Try a proven and healthy formula for hair growth vitamins for women or hair vitamin supplements for men.
  4. Style matters. Do not brush wet hair – use only a wide-tooth comb and only when absolutely necessary to minimize breakage. If you’re addicted to tight braids, slicked back ponytails and hair extensions, take a break once in a while. The more you pull and clip back hair, the more damaged it will become.
  5. Color me beautiful. Though hair color and heat-styling will damage hair, if you do need to color, be sure you’re adding highlights in a few complementary shades. This will have a 3-dimensional effect and will give hair the appearance of more volume and thickness.

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