Hair Trend Report: L.A. Hairstylists Spill the Top Summer 2017 Styles of L.A. Cool Girls

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 4th, 2017

This summer, stay ahead of hair trends. Los Angeles Confidential magazine got five cutting-edge hairstylists (pun intended) to spill the top cuts, colors and styles that their L.A. cool-girl clients are rocking for summer 2017.

Go Natural, Go Long

Chris Green, MèCHE Salon

“Whether wavy, curly, or smooth,” Chris says, “a lot of my clients are wearing looks that are close to their natural texture. We’re still using curling irons and [flat] irons to boost wave and curl. But keeping styling to a minimum so the look is natural and effortless. I love all the GHD hair tools for creating these summer looks.

“Also, length is huge right now! Many of my clients are growing out their hair. Nothing beats Viviscal when you’re trying to get your locks long and healthy. I’ve seen some major growth on my clients and it has me taking it too!”

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Bangs & Bobs

Sal Salcedo, Benjamin Salon

“Bangs!” exclaims Sal. “Girls are being more bold with statements and spicing up their beachy locks with shaggy bangs!”

“[Also,] bobs. We will see an increase on shorter hair. Slowly but surely, girls are shedding away the long hair and embracing shorter chic hairstyles, anything from blunt, straight shapes to French-y styles.”

Power Up Your Knot

Lindsay Victoria, Spoke & Weal LA

“The girls this summer are wearing ‘the power knot.’ It’s a little bit of a take on the top knot. Still half up, but the knot sits lower on the head, more towards the crown. There’s a beachy, undone quality to it still leaving the knot unpolished. Using a texture crème on the hair left out gives texture that looks wearable and effortless.”

Color Key: Bolder & Blonder

Christine Silverman, Ramirez Tran Salon

“Summertime in LA means rocking bolder, blonder hues,” says Christine. “The subtler honey and gold blondes of winter get brightened up for that surfer-like pop, emulating time spent in the sun and salt of the beach.

“The surfer look is key. It allows for a bright, eye-catching blonde while maintaining a more natural root so that grow-out is a breeze and color remains dimensional.”

Retro Wet’n’Wild

Laini Reeves, Freelance Hairstylist

“Wet-looking hair! Either slicked back, pulled in a ponytail or just off the beach, ocean-kissed,” says Laini. “The wet look is here to stay for summer.

“Also, shorter hairstyles, braids and more hair accessories. Summer is all about fun so girls will be taking more risks.

“Lastly, the ‘80s and ‘90s are fiercely back. Think Madonna!”

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