Does Wearing a Hat Thin Your Hair?

by Colleen Welsch on November 14th, 2019
smiling woman winter hat pink coat sparklers background does wearing a hat thin your hair? viviscal hair blog

Temperatures are dropping, so we’re reaching for cozy beanies and cute berets to keep our heads warm while we’re out and about. The only issue is that sometimes when you take off your hat, you may notice a few of your strands left behind. Which might lead you to wonder, does wearing a hat thin your hair? Keep reading to learn why hat-induced hair loss is just a myth, and our favorite hats hairstyles for this winter.

Hats and Hair Loss: The Facts

Let us say it again: hats do not cause hair loss. Hair loss is caused by a combination of genetic, hormonal or external factors that have nothing to do with your choice of headwear.

There’s just one small exception: if you consistently wear hats that are too small, you could lose a few hairs through friction that leads to breakage. In extreme situations, very-tight hairstyles or headwear and prolonged scalp damage can cause a condition called traction alopecia. But as long as you wear hats that fit correctly and give your head an occasional rest from damaging styles, your hair should be fine.

Just make sure that you clean your hats regularly. Hats accumulate dirt, dust, oils, sweat and residue from hair products that can irritate your scalp. Take care of your scalp health by making sure those hats get a good scrubbing every once and awhile.

If you’re wearing a hat because you’re trying to disguise thinning hair, consider Viviscal instead! Viviscal hair growth supplement provides a clinically proven solution for women and men with fine or thinning hair. In clinical studies, women saw a 32% increase in the number of terminal hairs and a nearly 40% decrease in hair shedding in just 3 months.+ Just two tablets per day could mean thicker, fuller hair and an end to your hat habit by the end of the winter.*

Our Favorite Hat Hairstyles for Winter

If you do want to rock a hat this winter, try one of these five cute hat hairstyles!

Wavy Bob with Beret

asian girl beret purple sweater pink background does wearing a hat thin your hair? viviscal hair blog

The blunt bob is definitely having a moment right now. We love how it looks styled into messy waves and paired with a wool beret.

Super-Straight with Beanie

smiling african american woman gray knit hat straight hair city street does wearing a hat thin your hair? viviscal hair blog

Is there anything cuter than this beanie hairstyle? Try a straightened blunt lob with a beanie for a look that will keep you cozy during your workday commute. And since your hair is already straight, you won’t need to worry about hat hair once you reach the office. Just remove your beanie, fluff your roots with your fingers, and you’re ready to go!

Voluminous Waves with Beanie

woman long blonde wavy hair christmas tree cup hot drink does wearing a hat thin your hair? viviscal hair blog
If you’re looking for a more romantic beanie hairstyle, try this. Start by applying Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir to clean, damp hair. This body-boosting treatment leaves your hair looking thicker and fuller. Then blow dry hair upside down to add even more volume to your look. Next, curl hair in 1-inch sections using a large-barreled curling iron. Allow hair to cool, then finger comb to to break up the waves. Finish with a mist of hairspray and a beanie, and you’re all set!

Curls and Floppy Hat

fashionable african american woman curly hair tan floppy hat does wearing a hat thin your hair? viviscal hair blog

We think that curly natural hair looks adorable paired with a floppy hat. This is the perfect look for weekend shopping or brunch since you can skip washing your hair and disguise any oily roots!

Face-Framing Layers with Fedora

laughing asian woman closeup black fedora hat orange red wall background does wearing a hat thin your hair? viviscal hair blogFace-framing long layers look absolutely adorable with a fedora. As with our floppy hat hairstyle, this is an excellent choice when you don’t have time to deal with greasy roots before a coffee date!

Would you rock any of these hairstyles for winter hats? Let us know in the comments section below!

Existing hair growth
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