Health Benefits of Vitamin D and Hair Loss

by Viviscal Hair Expert on June 10th, 2015
Vitamin D in foods for hair growth

Studies linking vitamin D consumption with various health benefits with the consumption of vitamin D have been generating a lot of excitement among medical experts around the world. Our office is no exception, with a definite buzz among our team about the link between vitamin D and hair loss.

We have gathered our resources and decided that it was about time to tackle some of the tough questions around vitamin D and hair loss head on to separate fact from fiction.

Question: Does vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss?

There is a strong link between vitamin deficiency and hair loss. If your levels of vitamins are deficient for a sustained period, your hair follicles are not supplied with the crucial nutrients they need to maintain a normal hair growth cycle. Lacking in these nutrients, your hair can become brittle and susceptible to breakage as your body will become less efficient in the maintaining healthy hair growth.

The good news is that keeping yourself stocked full of vitamins is easy. By supplementing your diet with Viviscal Man or Viviscal Extra Strength for women, you can help to promote hair growth from within, without the need to drastically alter your lifestyle or diet.

Question: Does vitamin D create new follicles?

Scientific research shows that vitamin D can help stem cells to enhance and maintain their ability to produce hair. While this does not signify the creation of new hair follicles, it may have implications for the reactivation of existing follicles in the production of healthy hair.

Question: How important is vitamin D in hair follicle cycle and hair disorders?

Vitamin D is one of a number of nutrients that may influence hair growth, but not the main the contender. Biotin and vitamin C both play important roles in the nourishment of hair from within, helping to strengthen the hair shaft at the root and reduce breakage. In short, maintaining the optimum levels of these vitamins is a great way to combat hair disorders induced by poor nutritional choices. In the linked article you can find out more about which is the best hair growth vitamin for fuller hair.

Final Question: Does vitamin D play a role in hair growth cycle?

There is evidence that indicates a link between vitamin D and hair loss or hair growth. Research is being done into the application of vitamin D in stem cell treatments, and time will tell if it could lead us to a cure for baldness.

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