Healthy Hair Growth Regimen – The Ultimate Checklist

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 5th, 2014
healthy hair growth checklist

Are you looking for the definitive healthy hair growth regimen? Below, find the ultimate checklist of how-to’s to achieve the thicker, longer, healthier hair you’ve been searching for.

The Ultimate Hair Growth Regimen Checklist

  1. Diet smart
    Are you getting a balanced diet? Getting a healthier diet should be the first item in your hair growth regimen. This is a simple step to healthy hair growth that you take. Eat more lean proteins, including meats, which are high in Iron, and fish, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in good vitamins for hair growth, such as vitamin C and B vitamins. Get more Zinc in shellfish and nuts. These foods all help to promote a healthy scalp and promote hair growth.
  2. Say “om”
    Take a look at your lifestyle. Are you stressed out? High levels of stress often can contribute to hair loss. So take a deep breath and identify what is causing you stress. Try deep breathing, getting more exercise, writing in a journal, and share worries with a trusted friend or family member. Small changes can help you better manage everyday stress and worries.
  3. Style hair with care
    Avoid styling hair in tightly pulled ponytails or in tight braids, avoid excessive use of color and heat styling with flat irons and blow-dryers, or shampooing hair too often. All these products and excessive styling can cause significant damage and breakage in hair. Whenever possible, allow your hair to dry naturally and reduce the amount of hair styling products you use. If you have naturally curly hair, consider using more protective hairstyles. Take the appropriate steps to minimize the damage caused by these practices and you will help stop hair shedding, breakage and damage.
  4. See the pros
    If all else fails, consult your dermatologist for suggestions to help your hair growth. There are a number of natural, medical or lifestyle solutions to achieve healthy hair growth.

Do not procrastinate! The longer you wait to start your healthy hair growth regimen, the more hair loss or thinning hair you may see. Take your healthy hair growth into your own hands today.