Holiday Hair Ideas for 2019

by Colleen Welsch on October 31st, 2019
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Do you need some holiday hair ideas? This is by far the busiest month in most of our social calendars and it can be tough to have the energy to do all that socializing, much less look fabulously fresh and on-trend while doing it. So we’re making it easy for you. Whatever the event, we’ve got you covered with the perfect holiday hairstyle to help you survive the holiday social season in style. These eight genius holiday hair ideas will take you from the office holiday party, to your big family dinner, to a New Year’s Eve celebration in style.

Our Favorite Holiday Hairstyles for 2019

The Event: Theater Tickets
The Hairstyle: A Sleek Bun with Accessories

For an annual trip to see “The Nutcracker” or “A Christmas Carol,” you’ll need something upscale that can be done in 10 minutes or less after work. First, take apart your topknot from the morning, split it into two separate buns and stack them on top of each other. Finish with a headband on top or a sparkling accessory underneath for a festive touch. It looks elegant and far more elaborate than it actually is.

Women wears a sleek top knot bun hairstyle for the holidays, with a pearl headband


The Event: New Year’s Eve Party
The Hairstyle: Space Buns

Dancing all night long is no match for this neat protective hairstyle, which is why this is one of our top picks for New Year’s Eve hairstyles. Space buns show off your highlighted, contoured cheekbones and protect your hair growth from damage.

Start by applying a small amount of Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir throughout hair to give your locks a boost of body. Part your hair down the middle, then use hair elastics to create two high pigtails. Using a comb, gently tease each pigtail for extra volume. Twist each pigtail into a rope, coil into a bun around the base of the pigtail, and secure with another hair tie or hair pins. Finish with a misting of hairspray to make sure this holiday hairstyle stays in place until 2020!

View of a woman from the back with two large buns on top of her head.


The Event: Your Office Holiday Party
The Hairstyle: A Low, Textured Updo

You spend all day with your coworkers, but now you need to pull off a hairstyle change in your office bathroom that makes you look impossibly chic and fresh. This style is astonishingly easy to do, and will set you up for a night of networking with upper management. First, loop your hair into a low, loose knot and pull out a few casual pieces in the front. Then, use a flat iron to add a little bend to those front pieces so they gently frame your face.

woman wears her brown hair pinned low and loose for the holidays.


The Event: Family Party
The Hairstyle: A Low Ponytail with a Loose Velvet Bow

This super-simple look is classic and classy, plus it couldn’t be easier to do. This style is especially good for medium-length to longer hair. Simply gather hair into a low, loose ponytail and loosely tie it with a velvet ribbon in a jewel-tone color for a wintry holiday look.

The Event: Cocktails with the Girls
The Hairstyle: Straight and Sleek

This sleek holiday hairstyle is effortlessly chic yet not too fussy. If you want to take the fancy up a notch, accessorize with a black padded headband.

Healthy hair looks shinier, so start this holiday hairstyle by washing hair with Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, which gently cleanses and lightly conditions hair with Ana:Tel™ complex plus the key nutrients Biotin, Keratin and Zinc to leave hair looking naturally thicker and fuller.

Next, work a small amount of Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir throughout hair. Use a hair dryer and round brush to dry hair in sections, making sure to keep the nozzle pointed down to coax away frizz and flyaways. If desired, use a flat iron to give hair a straight, glossy finish. Then, finish with a small amount of shine serum to prevent frizz from forming while you’re out with the girls.
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The Event: Dinner Party
The Hairstyle: A Loose, Rumpled Braid

A slightly disheveled braid keeps even the most formal dresses from feeling too stuffy, which is perfect for an intimate dinner at someone’s home. To create the look, braid as you normally would and use your fingers to lightly pull apart a few sections, fluffing it out. Hint: use a clear hair elastic for a more polished finish.

smiling woman long rumpled loose braid hairstyle holiday hair ideas for 2019 viviscal hair blog


The Event: The Neighborhood Drop-in Cookie Exchange
The Hairstyle: A Curled, High Ponytail

This holiday hair idea says festive but casual. It’s especially great if you’ve been busily doing Christmas shopping all day and ran out of time to wash your hair. Slick back second-day hair into a high ponytail. Then separate the ponytail into three even sections. Wind each section around a curling iron and let it cool. Break apart the curls by gently raking your fingers through your hair. The combination of sleek and curly is a genius disguise for oily roots and unkempt ends.

woman african american black shirt hoop earrings high curled ponytail hairstyle holiday hair ideas for 2019 viviscal hair blog


The Event: A Formal Charity Event
The Hairstyle: Sleek, Retro-Glamorous Waves

These retro ’50s red carpet waves convey subtle elegance. Comb hair into a deep side part, curl hair into ringlets and then softly brush them out. Land the retro look with matte red lipstick and sparkly statement earrings.

asian woman green dress brown background retro glamorous waves holiday hair ideas for 2019 viviscal hair blog


How to Have Thick, Healthy-Looking Holiday Hair

No matter what time of year, healthy and well-nourished hair always looks amazing. But as we age, hair follicles shrink, causing shedding, and slowing or stopping new growth. This can lead to thinning and dull-looking hair that can be extra noticeable under the glare of a photo flash. Try the follicle-nourishing power of Viviscal Hair Supplements to give hair growth a one-two punch of clinically proven vitamins and minerals with just two tablets a day. See thicker, healthier and more youthful-looking hair after just three months.*

How will you style your hair this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section below!

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