5 Easy Ways to Get More Hair Volume

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 13th, 2015
5 Easy Ways to Get More Hair Volume

In winter, our hair often falls flat and limp. We face hair dryness, flyaways and hair shedding. But there are easy and natural ways to get volume for fine hair or dry, damaged hair, including volumizing products, how to style hair for more volume and other styling tips to get volume in hair.

2 Must-Have Volumizing Hair Products – How to Get Volume in Hair

For a quick and easy solution for more volume, try volumizing hair products such as a thickening hair serum for women or microscopic hair fibers to instantly thicken hair.

A good hair and scalp serum will give the appearance of volume with clinically tested ingredients derived from natural origins. Plus, choose a hair thickening serum with an ingredient such as creatine, which will smooth while adding volume to hair. When choosing hair fibers as a volumizing product, select one that offers a variety of natural-looking colors and which will stay on all day without staining or smearing. Choose microscopic hair fibers that easily tap on to thin hair to not only add volume to hair but also cover and fill in any thinning spots on your scalp.

1. Hairstyle for Volume

Try these hair styling tips to add volume to thin, limp hair. Before you blow-dry hair, apply a small amount of mousse or hairspray only to the roots. Use a flat paddle brush and hold head slightly to the side while blow-drying and brushing hair in the opposite direction of hair growth towards the roots of your hair. Brush several times and then flip your head and brush hair on the other side. Finally, bend your head forward and do the same thing on the underside of your head, brushing hair forward. When choosing a styling product to finish your style, avoid products such as pomades, heavy styling gels or waxes. Styling products like these can weigh hair down and make thin hair look greasy.

2. Hair Care Tips to Get Volume in Hair

Hair that is prone to breakage and damage can look thin and unhealthy. Minimize hair shedding by gently drying wet hair. Never rub wet hair with a towel after shampooing. Instead, gently wrap hair in a towel and allow to air-dry for 15 minutes before styling or blow-drying. Wet hair is fragile and easily breakable.

Another styling tip to give hair more volume is to get regular trims. By now you know that regular haircuts will not make hair grow faster or longer. But regular trims will help hair look fuller and thicker by trimming split ends and damage from hair, giving it more bounce and shine, and helping to make it look healthier.