Prep for Your Next Big Event: Countdown to Gorgeous

by Viviscal Hair Expert on January 19th, 2016
how to prep for an event

Whether it’s a wedding or a glam night out, get these secret steps for a stunning look. For updo-ready hair, experts recommend Viviscal.

Martha Stewart Weddings compiles a fail-proof plan to help get your hair, skin, makeup and body in peak condition, without driving yourself crazy. Whether you’re the bride, a guest or just want to look good for your next big event – whatever that is – we’ve got the secret beauty tricks to help you step up your game in no time. Learn how to prep for an event.

How to Prep for an Event: Heavenly Hair

For heavenly hair that has the thickness and length you need for the perfect modern updo, you have to start with hair nutrients. NYC dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner recommends that you start taking Viviscal – with essential hair growth nutrients including Biotin – at least three months out from the event. The longer you take the vitamins, Zeichner says, the better the results. If you want to forgo a chic pixie or lob for your wedding, and you want to get those Rapunzel locks – naturally – patience is key. Or try clip-in hair extensions. But beware! Over-using extensions can cause more damage and breakage to hair, further preventing you from achieving your hair growth goals.

Other Tips for a Flawless Look on the Big Day

Whether it’s a wedding reception or a glam night out, achieve winning skin, a toned and healthy body, and locking in a super-chic hairstyle will help you look your best.

Skin Deep Solutions

For winning skin, prevent breakouts with a gentle cleanser that’s good for adult skin. For serious help for acne (and if you are not planning to become pregnant in the next six months) ask your derm for a prescription for Accutane. To clarify and smooth your skin, consider a professional peel four to six months out from the event.  For a quick fix for a stubborn pimple 48 hours out from the event, ask your derm to zap it with a cortisone injection.

To even your skin tone, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, become a devotee to sunscreen – year round! Also, use a face cream that is packed with antioxidants. To combat the look of aging, ask your dermatologist for a prescription for retinoid or try an over-the-counter retinol cream. If you’re game for an injectable, ask your derm for Botox (best for forehead lines or crow’s feet), or Juvederm or Restylane (best for lines around the mouth).

Show Your Body Who’s Boss

To look and feel your best in your LBD, eat and drink right. Drink eight cups of water per day (about two liters) – and be sure to drink the first liter before lunch and the second liter after lunch. This is the ultimate trick to de-bloat. Another tip to de-bloat is to up your potassium intake. Try oranges, bananas and coconut water, which are all packed with this mineral. Avoid alcohol as much as possible leading up to the event to reduce bloat and puffiness. To lose water weight, reduce sugar, fat and carbs, and increase your protein intake at least two days before the event.

Lock in Your Look

The key to feeling your most beautiful when in dress-up mode is to stick to your personal style, but turn up the wattage on your look. That is, if you like a natural look, kick it up a notch with darker-than-bare lips and bronzed cheeks. Choose a hairstyle that complements your natural hair texture. If your hair is naturally wavy, keep the waves in your updo or long style. If you have super-straight hair, blow-dry it even straighter and add shine with a light oil.

If you’re a ponytail girl, up the ante with a sleek pony with glamour-girl waves. Love a more complicated ‘do? Try a sophisticated updo with braids – they are soft, pretty, and keep your hair off your face and neck so you can dance the night away. For extra sparkle, adorn whatever hairstyle you choose with a crystal or jeweled pin. You’ll feel like a princess, without going so far as to wear a tiara!

For more tips on how to prep for an event – whether it’s a wedding, a party or a big date – check out the winter 2016 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings on newsstands now.