How to Prevent Hair Loss after Pregnancy

by Viviscal Hair Expert on April 6th, 2015
Hair loss prevention after pregnancy

Pregnancy is one long roller-coaster ride of hormones. After the morning sickness, the bizarre cravings and wild changes in body temperature, it may not come as a surprise to find that your hair is falling out. Many women ask how to prevent post pregnancy hair loss, so here are a few tips to help you deal with postnatal shedding.

The first and most important fact to remember is that experiencing hair loss after pregnancy is due to natural causes. Building up to your delivery date your estrogen levels are high. But about three months after the birth, these levels often rapidly decline. One of the consequences of this sudden crash can be hair loss. But is it possible to prevent hair loss after pregnancy?

While it may not be possible to completely prevent post-pregnancy hair loss, there are steps that you can take to nourish your hair from within. Healthy hair that is supplied with the right vitamins and minerals tends to be more resistant to excess breakage and hair shedding. Make sure to supply your body with a diet rich in healthy hair nutrients to nourish your beloved locks. However, with a newborn baby in the house, finding the time to make that perfect walnut and spinach salad with a side of steamed salmon can be a little challenging.

Many new moms find it easier to supplement their diet with specialized products such as Viviscal Extra Strength, which provides targeted nutrition to maintain healthy hair, without the hassle of altering your regular cooking regimen. Viviscal packs these supplements with important vitamins, minerals and a unique marine complex AminoMar®, which help to lengthen the hair growth cycle. (If you’re breastfeeding, be sure to check in with your doctor before beginning any supplements with marine ingredients.) Additionally, along with all of the Viviscal hair growth and hair care range, it is completely drug free.

Aside from taking extra care of your dietary intake, many new moms opt for a shorter hairstyle to save time spent shampooing, and of course, unclogging the drains. If you do decide to keep the Rapunzel look, then be sure to use a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, which help to prevent hair from becoming brittle and prone to breakage.

Taking these simple steps is a great way to provide your hair with some much needed TLC, especially when time is a real commodity. Overall, just remember that experiencing hair loss after pregnancy is natural, and not something you should be worried about. When your hormone levels return to normal, so will the amount of hair lost. If you keep your regimen up-to-date by supplying the right nutrients to maintain healthy hair, you can rest at ease in the knowledge that you’re on the right path learning how to prevent post pregnancy hair loss.