How to Protect & Treat Your Scalp in the Sun

by Viviscal Hair Expert on July 12th, 2016
how to protect hair and scalp

In summer sun, swimming and sweat, we need to protect not only our hair but our scalp. Hair health expert Dr. Alan Bauman gives advice on how to keep scalp and hair healthy, even in the heat of summer. “It’s important to know the risks summer brings, so you know how you can help your locks and scalp survive the summer,” Dr. Bauman stresses. Here’s what you should keep in mind…

Shampoo & Conditioner

A good shampoo and conditioner combo is the first line of defense for your hair, and can create a protective layer against environmental damage. Choose a light shampoo that cleans pollutants, dirt and sweat, but does not strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it drier, advises Dr. Bauman. The conditioner should protect and lubricate the cuticle, smoothing the hair shaft.

Hair Supplements & Vitamins

Nutritional supplements like Viviscal Extra Strength will help keep hair looking healthy and thick, plus boost hair growth. Make sure your diet includes several key vitamins for your hair, like iron, zinc, biotin, niacin and vitamin C. Taking a supplement that nourishes follicles from within will help keep your tresses growing strong in summer.

Protective Treatments

Did you know that sunscreen can be applied directly to the hair as a “sunblock” to protect its color? Applying lightweight silicone products to damp hair will also protect against frizz while enhancing shine. “And don’t forget your scalp. Sunscreen should be applied directly to any scalp exposed to the sun,” Dr. Bauman notes.

Avoid Damaging Activities

During hot summer months, be extra careful about these risk factors: pool chlorine, hair color, blow dryers, curling and flat irons, straightening, and over-shampooing. Dry, over-styled hair is more prone to breakage and discoloration.

Treat Your Scalp

Summer is a great time to pamper your scalp. “Whether it is a little extra exfoliation or a weekly scalp massage, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp,” Dr. Bauman reminded us.

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