How to Pump Up the Volume for Thick, Vibrant Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 13th, 2016
how to pump up hair volume Shape magazine

Whether you’re craving hair with extra oomph or you’ve noticed yours thinning, this month’s Shape has everything you need for your body-building game plan.

According to research, nearly half of women with thinning hair would give their life savings for a full head of hair. With an array of options, from OTC remedies to custom add-ons now available, how do you choose the best solution for your thin, limp or shedding hair? Shape editors help uncover the causes of hair loss, plus smart solutions that will get you on a path to fullness.

See our three favorite tips from the article below. To read the complete article, pick up the October issue of Shape on newsstands.

Why You’re Losing Your Hair

Half of us will experience hair loss or shedding in our lifetime. While rising stress levels do not help hair loss, even healthy habits can cause thinning hair (aka tight gym ponytails). NYC dermatologist Dr. Doris Day reports, “Almost a third of my practice consists of women who have thinning hair concerns.”

Among the top causes Dr. Day sees is telogen effluvium, or temporary thinning due to stress. Telogen effluvium generally occurs several months after any stressful or traumatic event to your body. These events can be anything from pregnancy, to illness or surgery, to rapid extreme weight loss, to an emotional event like a major break-up or layoff from your job.

In her dermatology practice, Dr. Day also sees alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder that typically causes hair to fall out in round patches), nutrient deficiency, a genetic predisposition toward hair loss (sometimes called female pattern baldness), traction alopecia (the result of chronic extensions or tight ponytails), hormonal changes and aging, or over-styling (chemical straightening, over-processing, coloring and heat-styling). Once you know what’s causing your hair loss, it’s just a matter of finding the right fix.

Get a Nutrient Makeover With Hair Growth Vitamins

Vitamins B, D and Iron are the first deficiencies to test for and correct,” Dr. Day says. Eating vitamin- and iron-rich foods, such as whole grains and lentils is a great way to receive these nutrients that are building blocks for hair growth.” But even easier, take the clinically proven hair growth supplement Viviscal.

Make Some Styling Tweaks

A simple shift in your routine could do wonders for your hair. First priority is to limit braids, tight workout ponytails and hair extensions. The decidedly un-hip tip to protect hair from damage while you exercise: the ’90s scrunchie buried in the back of your closet. A soft scrunchie or an Invisibobble puts much less stress on follicles than a coated hair band.

Celebrity stylist and Fashion Week staple Ted Gibson also recommends cutting bangs. Or, if you already have bangs, make them start closer to the crown for fullness up front. Then, blow-dry against the direction your hair normally falls to add height. Finish with a messy part to obscure a widening part.

Change Up Your Products

For mild thinning, spray a volumizer at the roots, but don’t overdo it. “Even a volumizing product can cause your hair to fall flat,” says Gibson, who recommends his Ted Gibson Runway Ready Volume Mist. For a volumizing leave-in treatment, we recommend Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir. Add it to wet or dry hair and style normally. The body-boosting formula contains Biotin, Zinc and Keratin to leave hair looking thicker and fuller. Add Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner to your routine too for thicker looking hair and a botanical fresh scent.