How to Repair and Prevent Split Ends

by Colleen Welsch on August 2nd, 2018

If you’re trying to grow out your hair, split ends are your number-one enemy. Split ends happen when the cuticle of the hair shaft wears away, leaving the inner keratin of the hair exposed. As a result, hair looks frayed and thin. Split ends can be caused by outside stress to the hair follicle, as with excessive brushing, dyeing or heat-styling. The only way to get rid of split ends for good is to trim them off. However, you can help minimize them with the right split end treatments. Follow these tips to repair split ends and stop them from spreading up the hair shaft, or in some cases, even prevent split ends in the first place.

6 Split End Treatments & Hair Care Tips

1. Baby Your Wet Hair

Hair is most delicate when it’s wet, so it’s important to be very careful with it. Avoid rough drying hair with a cotton towel. Instead, gently wring extra moisture from hair using a microfiber cloth or old t-shirt.

Also, be very careful when detangling wet hair. Use a wide-tooth comb and gently work out knots starting from the roots of hair. And repeat after us: do not use a brush on wet hair. A brush’s bristles are too harsh for fragile wet hair. The result? You’re in danger of split ends galore.



2. Cut Down on Drying Time

If you can, avoid blow-drying your hair. Hot air from the hair dryer can dry out strands and cause split ends to travel up the hair shaft.

If you must blow-dry your hair, let hair dry naturally until it’s at least 50% dry. This will greatly reduce the amount of heat you must use on your hair.

3. Protect Your Hair from Heat

While skipping the hot tools and embracing your natural hair texture is the best way to prevent split ends, we understand that sometimes you just want to change up your look. Use a heat protectant any time you style your hair with hot tools. Also, make sure that you don’t turn up the temperature too high. Hotter temperatures damage hair more, so use the coolest setting possible to achieve your look.


4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Split ends are dry and crave moisture. Give them what they need by using a nourishing conditioner like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner every time you wash or rinse your hair.

You’ll also want to add a heavy-duty conditioning mask to your weekly routine for a boost of hydration and split end repair. Hair masks coat split ends with moisture, temporarily smoothing and mending the the cuticle.

You can make your own mask at home by mixing one ripe avocado, one egg, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply to hair, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.

5. Invest in Silk

We love this split ends remedy because it works while you sleep! Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk replacement. Silk pillowcases provide more slip than cotton, so your hair won’t fray as you snooze.


6. Start with Stronger Hair

Strong, healthy hair is much less likely to experience split ends because it’s more resilient to damage from everyday wear and tear.

So how do you get healthier hair? You grow it. Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Supplements provide you with the vitamins and minerals needed to grow healthier hair in as little as three months. Plus, it reduces shedding so hair actually looks thicker.*

Remember: if you already have split ends, the ultimate split end treatment is to get a hair trim. Split ends can travel up the shaft and cause more breakage. If you want healthy, beautiful hair, visit your stylist at least every 8 to 10 weeks for a trim, and then follow our tips to help prevent those split ends from reoccurring!