Hot spring 2013 hair styles for men

by Viviscal Hair Expert on April 22nd, 2013
Hot hair styles men spring 2013

Men’s hair styles change less frequently than women’s styles because classic cuts and superior styling create put-together looks that resist the pressures of transitory trends. Frankly, men embrace change more slowly and stick with conservative looks that work for them. You can always look fashionable by getting frequent precision cuts, grooming carefully and taking care of your hair. Noting this disclaimer, the New York Fashion Show and other worldwide fashion venues do suggest certain trends for spring 2013. Foremost among these trends is medium-length hair styles that men can style in dramatic waves or gel into sleek, refined hairstyles for formal occasions.

The Slick Look and Medium Waves

Both of the most popular styles this season depend on precision cuts that make hair look natural and carefree but retain adequate length to create distinctive looks. Hair that is fairly long on top stays healthy, building strength to resist breakage and damage from the weather. This quality doesn’t mean that you need to embrace comb overs, though they can look sexy on younger men who have nothing to hide. You can slick back longish hair on top of the head or comb it over with gels for formal occasions. and style your hair in windblown waves for everyday use. The style gives you versatile choices of hairstyles for any occasion.

Medium waves create messy, windblown looks, but getting the perfect shape for your facial structure requires finding a talented stylist who specializes in precision cuts. Getting the perfect look takes careful blow-drying, extra grooming time and the application of protective hair products. Of course, the upside of this attention is healthier hair that resists damage from the sun, salt water and participating in windy sports.

Wavy Styles Offer Versatile Looks that Work in Most Social Situations

Medium hair on top gets set off by keeping your hair carefully trimmed in the back and on the sides. You can part the hair on the side and create a messy wave that adds height and body, and the technique works for fine, medium, thick or curly hair. Another technique involves parting hair irregularly in the middle and creating gentle waves to either side to create a dramatic effect.

The Slick Comb Over

SpHair style for menring 2013 fashion models and celebrities frequently sported the slick look, but this style can damage the scalp when worn too often.

Oil and grease can accumulate and cut off oxygen to hair roots, but fortunately you can shampoo your hair daily as long as you use the right shampoo formulation for your hair and condition at least once a week. Medium-long hair on top allows you the options of looking impeccably groomed at work, transforming your appearance by spiking your hair with gel for clubbing, and styling the top of your hair in waves for informal outings with friends, business associates and romantic partners. Men’s hairstyles run the gamut from buzz cuts to dramatic spiked mohawks, but the latest trend of wearing hair medium-length on top and neat on the sides offers more options for men who wish to appear fashionable but casual.