Molly Sims Shares Her Journey to Thick, Healthy Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on April 23rd, 2018

Ever since Molly Sims started modeling 20 years ago, her signature look has been her beautiful, long, blonde hair. And almost since the beginning, Viviscal hair supplement has been her hero hair product, a constant in her life through modeling, acting and motherhood that she could not keep to herself. Molly shares her story of winning her battle against thinning, damaged hair and spills why Viviscal is still her MVP hair product after all these years.

How Viviscal Helped Me Love My Hair Again

by Molly Sims

When I started losing my hair in my 20s, it was my embarrassing little secret. For women, hair is such a big part of what makes us feel beautiful and when we start to see thinning, we go into denial. On modeling shoots early in my career, hairstylists were doing all kinds of things like heat-styling and coloring to make my hair look thicker and healthier. But all that processing was actually ruining my hair.

The Start of My Viviscal Love Affair

One day on a modeling job, a stylist noticed how thin my hair looked and pulled me aside. She told me about this hair supplement called Viviscal that at the time was only available in Europe. Models and stylists had been buzzing about it for years. So I tried it and I couldn’t believe the results I began to see. It saved my hair and, I’m not kidding, it changed my life!

After that, Viviscal became my go-to hair product. In the late ’90s and early ’00s, I was traveling all the time. I did 50 or so episodes of shows for MTV, including hosting House of Style where they were constantly having my hair done and redone with all these different looks. And throughout that time, I just kept taking Viviscal to keep my hair looking thick and healthy.*


My selfie, from the ’00s

Learning My Lesson: Returning to What Worked

When my time at MTV and House of Style ended, I stopped taking Viviscal for a while. But I really regretted that decision a few years later when I made the switch from modeling to acting. I started on the hour-long drama Las Vegas and I went from a modeling schedule of getting a few days off each week to a TV schedule of working six days out of seven for months in a row. And every TV shoot day meant hours in the stylist’s chair.

Every day on Las Vegas, my stylist (who I loved!) was using these heat-styling tongs at extra-high temperatures that were seriously damaging my hair. We started shooting the first season in August, and by February almost all of my hair had broken off from over-processing, to the point that I had to get extensions. Producers had to get involved!

They asked me if there was anything I could do and I told them that I’d used a product called Viviscal before but that I’d stopped a year ago. I went back on it immediately and literally within about six months, I had taken out every extension. Every one of my extensions in my hair had grown back that much and so I kept on Viviscal through all five seasons of Las Vegas. Since then, Viviscal has been my steady boyfriend — the one constant in my life that’s been with me at every stage, from my 20s to now in my 40s.


Photo credit: Todd Parker

Post-Pregnancy Hair Blues

Over the years, my thinning hair wasn’t always because of over-processing on-set or backstage. After the births of my babies, I saw serious thinning. And if you’re a mother, you know that after nine months of pregnancy where your hair looks amazing and you get so many compliments, it’s sad when what seems like half of your hair falls out post-pregnancy. By the time you’ve had your second or third baby, you see the hair on the floor and you just know what’s coming.

Sure enough, within a few months after the births and after I stop breastfeeding, I always have thinning. That’s when I go right back on Viviscal again. I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s just part of my day to take the one tablet in the morning and one at night. It’s easy!


Photo credit: Gia Canali

It’s More Common Than You Think!

The thing I like best about Viviscal is that it gives me confidence to know that I have something that actually works. Hair loss is not our fault, it’s just part of life. And even though women don’t expect to lose their hair, it actually will happen to most of us at some point (think 8 out of 10 women by age 60)!

Let’s face it, our hair is the first thing people see when they meet us. I know that when my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t feel good or confident. For me, my hair honestly determines how my day goes — it defines my mood, my personality, even who I am.

That’s why I started writing books and blogs about beauty, fashion and wellness — because I wanted to give women tips that would help them look and feel their absolute best. Whether it’s on-set or in real life or on social media, I tell my girls: if you’re committed to using Viviscal, you’re going to see a difference. Your hair is going to be thicker and more voluminous, it’s going to look glossier and healthier.*

My Go-To for Healthy, Happy Hair

I’ve been taking Viviscal since I was 21 years old, I’m 44 now! It’s still my hero product after all these years for good reason. Viviscal literally saved my hair and made me love my hair again. You know that celeb magazine story, “what’s in my bag?” Well, for me, you’re always going to find Viviscal in my bag.

If you look back through the years, you’ll see that I’ve been talking about Viviscal the whole time. Now you guys just have to listen and take my advice! The real secret here is that YOU have the power to have healthy, happy hair.*


(Featured photo, top: Erica Hampton)