The Truth About Collagen for Hair Growth

by Viviscal Hair Expert on June 27th, 2017

Collagen supplements could be the solution for everything from hair growth to nail growth, and from anti-aging skin care to bone health. But do collagen supplements actually work to promote hair growth? Reader’s Digest asks the experts to separate myth from fact when it comes to collagen pills and hair growth.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is an abundant protein in our bodies that makes up a big part of hair, skin and nails. So it’s not surprising then that collagen is being hailed as the new miracle beauty treatment. Collagen is a polypeptide that is made up of several amino acids, including proline and glycine. Collagen is found in your connective tissue, bones, cartilage and skin.

“Your body needs collagen, but you actually make it on your own,” says registered dietitian Nicole Osinga. “So most of us don’t actually need to be adding collagen powder to your foods or taking it as a supplement.” So do we need to add collagen pills to our daily regimen? Read on…

How Does Collagen Work In Your Body

The human body can’t absorb collagen as a whole, so taking a collagen supplement pill won’t directly promote hair growth, or skin or bone health, says Osinga.

Instead, your digestive system breaks down collagen into amino acids, which then get used wherever they’re needed in your body. So the effects will not be immediate.

On the other hand, taking a collagen supplement can prompt your body to produce more collagen. In fact, one clinical study found that collagen benefits bones and joints by providing a bio-available source of these amino acids, which helps the body naturally produce more collagen.

Collagen Pills & Hair Growth

As you age, your body’s natural levels of collagen decrease, which may lead to thinning and shedding hair. Research shows that collagen may support and increase hair-building proteins in the body. This can help strengthen hair strands, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Collagen may even help prevent the appearance of gray hairs by supporting the healthy structure of the hair follicle, where the pigment of your hair color is produced.

Collagen supplements also have been shown to be effective in treating dry, brittle hair, helping to maintain healthy moisture levels in the hair.

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Collagen pills claim to do more than just grow hair. They’re touted as the catch-all cure for every beauty need under the sun, from nail growth to bone health to an anti-wrinkle miracle. To learn the truth about collagen pills and your skin, nails and bones, and how to eat a diet rich in natural collagen, read the complete article on