Hair Growth Secrets: Niacin and Hair Growth

by Viviscal Hair Expert on April 25th, 2015
Niacin for Growing longer hair

When it comes to hair growth supplements, Biotin, Vitamin C, Iron and marine protein usually get all the love. But Niacin is the little known backup singer that is destined to be a star. Learn why Niacin and hair growth are inextricably linked.

What is Niacin?

Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, is the little known vitamin that plays a big role in healthy hair growth. It is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body convert food into energy. That’s why one symptom of Niacin deficiency is fatigue. Niacin is found in foods such as beef, eggs, tuna, nuts and mushrooms. Or try a hair growth supplement that provides complete nutrients for hair growth.

Why Niacin for Hair Growth

The main function of Niacin is to transform carbohydrates into energy. Niacin also helps to maintain the structure of the blood cells and improves blood circulation. That’s why Niacin brings more blood flow to the scalp, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. That’s why experts tout the benefits of niacin for hair growth.

Benefits to Hair, Skin and Nails with Niacin

Research shows that Niacin can help keep aging skin firm and glowing. It may also improve acne or skin blemishes by increasing the moisture balance of skin. It helps maintain healthy hair growth and improve the look of skin. You may be able to improve hair and nails with Niacin. Because of its circulation-boosting properties, Niacin boosts not only the thickness of hair strands but nail strength and thickness too.

Niacin and Hair Growth: Secrets Revealed

Niacin and hair growth go hand in hand because the star B vitamin boosts energy and improves blood flow to the scalp. A healthy scalp is crucial for healthy hair growth. But if you want flowing mermaid-like hair, niacin alone won’t get you there. Be sure you eat a complete healthy hair diet with Biotin (Vitamin B7), Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C and marine complex. Of course, the simplest way to ensure you get adequate Niacin and all the nutrients you need for hair growth is a complete, clinically proven hair growth supplement for women.

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