5 Easy Ways to Get a Healthy Scalp

by Colleen Welsch on August 7th, 2020
How to Get a Healthy Scalp

If you want thicker, healthier hair, a good place to start is with a healthy scalp. Why? Because hair grows from the hair follicles located on your scalp. If you have a healthy scalp, you’ll provide those hair follicles with the ideal conditions to grow healthy hair. So, how do you get a healthy scalp? […]

How to Slow Down Gray Hair

by Colleen Welsch on July 23rd, 2020
how to slow down gray hair naturally

Maybe you’ve just noticed your first gray hair, or maybe you’re looking for a way to slow down gray hair growth in between colorist appointments. Either way, you’re wondering how to slow down gray hair. Is it even possible? Keep reading to find out!

DIY: Hair Highlights at Home

by Colleen Welsch on June 24th, 2020
hair highlights at home

It’s finally summer, which means we are craving the sun-kissed look of hair highlights. Whether you’re avoiding leaving the house and just want to save a little extra money, here’s our guide to hair highlights at home.