The Perm Is Back. Is It Right for You?

by Colleen Welsch on May 9th, 2019
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The perm is back! If you’ve ever dreamed of curls or waves that last several months without any styling, a perm might be the perfect solution for you. But before you embrace the return of this classic ’80s style, keep in mind that as with any chemical hair treatment, there are some cons to consider. […]

Does Scalp Circulation Promote Hair Growth?

by Colleen Welsch on May 2nd, 2019
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It’s true that your scalp health can affect your hair’s appearance. After all, your hair grows from the hair follicles that are located beneath the surface of your scalp. According to some sources, improving scalp circulation may actually promote hair growth by increasing the flow of nutrient-rich blood to the follicles within the scalp. Keep […]

How to Improve Your Hair Growth Rate

by Colleen Welsch on April 25th, 2019
long hair brunette how to speed up your hair growth rate viviscal hair blog

We all know that when we get a bad haircut, it seems like it takes forever to regrow hair. But do you know how fast your hair really grows? Keep reading to learn all about your hair growth rate, and whether you can make hair grow faster. Plus, we’ll tell you how Viviscal supplements can […]