Social Media Influence on Hair Styles and Fashion

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 20th, 2013

Social media have become very influential in the world of fashion, makeup, hairstyling and trendsetting. Fashion-forward people chat with their friends and peers before changing their hair styles, buying new wardrobes or pursuing cosmetic strategies to change their appearances. Boutiques, hairstylists and clothing designers check Facebook and Twitter before introducing new clothing lines and customer […]

Figure-Eight Braids and Other Tips to Disguise Thinning Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 20th, 2013

Thinning hair develops in some people as they grow older and others at earlier ages, but personal appearance, healthy hair and social confidence are always important. You need not be embarrassed by thinning hair because you can choose from several strategies to ameliorate hair loss and enhance your personal appearance. Some people employ multiple methods […]

Viviscal is First Hair Growth Supplement to Present to Prestigious Hair Research Group

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 17th, 2013

Scientists, clinicians and hair care product companies gathered to share their knowledge and exchange ideas regarding clinical hair research at the 7th World Congress for Hair Research in Edinburgh, Scotland, which was held from the 4th through the 6th of May in 2013. The conference is a haven for like-minded hair health professionals looking to […]