Perfecting Your Hair Care Routine: How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

by Viviscal Hair Expert on May 31st, 2018

So, you want to grow out your pixie cut. Unfortunately, the perfect hair care routine for growing out a pixie haircut is more complicated than just avoiding the hairdresser. Follow these tips for healthy grow-out. With patience, time and plenty of TLC, mermaid-length hair could be in your future!

The Ultimate Hair Growth Regimen to Grow Out a Pixie Haircut

Seek Support

Growing out a pixie cut can be a real struggle, but you’re not the only one who’s been there! Before beginning your hair growth journey, scour the internet for others’ stories to learn what to expect. Whether you watch YouTube videos ( or you read blog posts (like these Viviscal posts on the top 5 things to know for healthy hair grow-out, how to embrace the post-pixie cut grow-out phase, and — gulp! — 3 things to know before you cut your hair), learning about other people’s challenges will help you to mentally prepare yourself. Plus, you may find a few hairstyling tutorials ( to help you along the way.

Get Regular Trims

Getting regular trims every six to eight weeks to help to shape your hair as it grows out. Keep the back as short as possible until the front and top sections grow to chin length. Once the hair in the front reaches chin length, you’ll be able to style your hair in a short bob.

Embrace Accessories

A sparkly hair clip or an eye-catching headband can easily transform your look and hold awkward-length bangs out of your face. To pull off an accessorized updo in minutes, twist back sections of your hair and hold it in place with a few bobby pins. For days when you don’t feel like taming your hair, a chic scarf or hat can add polish to your look with little effort on your behalf. Just be sure to give hair an occasional break from tight-fitting or damaging hats and accessories — you don’t want to risk extra breakage that could impede your hair growth goals.

girl red bandanna headband growing out short pixie cut

Use the Best Hair Care Products

Investing in the best hair care products will also help you to grow healthier hair by preventing split ends and breakage. For example, the best shampoo for hair is free from parabens and artificial colors, and is gentle when cleansing hair and scalp. Personally, we love our Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Shampoo because it also helps hair to look fuller and thicker. Also, use a rich daily hair conditioner like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Conditioner, which is formulated to add moisture back into your hair and strengthen it. And consider adding a weekly moisturizing mask to your hair care routine too.

Slick It Back

Slicked-back hair is definitely trending right now and it’s so easy to style. To pull off this look, wet hair with a spray bottle of water. Then add gel and comb hair backwards. This chic look is great for a night out too.

slicked back short pixie cut brunette woman hairstyle hair care routine growing out pixie cut

Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet full of high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals will provide your hair with the nutrition it needs to grow. Make sure to eat plenty of marine proteins (fish, shellfish), dark leafy greens, beans and fruit to help fuel your maximum healthy hair growth.

You know that taking Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements is one of the easiest ways to make sure all your nutritional bases are covered for strong, healthy hair growth. With iron, biotin, vitamin C and zinc, plus a unique marine complex called AminoMar™, it has what you need to help your hair to grow healthy, from pixie to shoulder-length.*

Be Patient!

Hair grows at a rate of one half-inch per month. So be prepared to wait a bit for your pixie cut to grow out. In the meantime, play with your look and enjoy the process!


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