How to Pick the Best Women’s Hairstyle for your Face Shape

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 18th, 2015
Best hairstyle for your hair shape

We’ve all made a fashion faux pas or two in our time, and shuffled away miserably from the hair salon mumbling that this particular haircut was a big mistake. Oh well at least it will grow back! However, perhaps next time you take an experimental leap of faith with your new look, you should remember a few simple rules that will help you match your hairstyle to your face shape.

Our haircuts frame our facial features, and can have a huge impact on our overall look. Whether you have perfect proportions or are sporting a schnoz to rival Pinocchio, choosing a haircut that is suitable for your face shape can transform you into a natural beauty.

The team at Viviscal have put together this fantastically simple infographic that provides a guide on which type of hairstyle is most suitable for women with either round, square, oval or heart shaped faces. So read on, and hopefully we will save you six months of hiding under a hat!

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The Best Hairstyles by Face Shape