Power of Silica for Hair Growth – The Complete Guide

by Viviscal Hair Expert on September 29th, 2016
Horsetail herb extract, silica for hair growth

Out of all the nutrients that exist to help us grow out our hair and feed our follicles, silica for hair growth is one of the newest to get attention from both researchers and women looking to improve hair texture and health. There’s a lot of scattered information out there, so we decided to create a complete guide about what silica is, and how it can help promote the growth of thicker, healthier hair.

What Is Silica’s Role in Our Body?

Silica is a micronutrient that is crucial for the healthy growth and development of humans in all phases of life You may have heard of it in another form — silicon. It’s actually one of the most abundant minerals in the entire world. Although it can be found in many different foods and substances, it’s found primarily in vegetables like leafy greens, onions, and even whole grains.

Silica is key in balancing the calcium and magnesium levels in our bodies. When these minerals are balanced, our hormones are better balanced as well. For this reason, you will find silica in almost every calcium supplement on the market.

In addition to balancing our minerals and helping our bodies develop, silica also boosts the immune system thanks to its ability to alkalize. When our body becomes an acidic environment, usually due to poor diet choices, we get sick. Silica helps create the antibodies and antigens that help us fight off disease and maintain healthy pH levels.

Silica is used by every single cell in our bodies. It really has an impact on everything, from making sure our cardiovascular system can handle physical activity, to strengthening the central nervous system. So what exactly does silica do to promote hair growth? Let’s take a look.

What Are the Benefits of Silica for Hair Growth?

Silica is good for hair because it is good for the development of almost every part our body. Young people often have beautiful, silky hair, soft skin, and perfect nails because of the large amounts of silica that we unfortunately lose as we age.

The alkalizing property mentioned before is a big reason why silica improves hair texture and health. Acid in our body finds its way to the scalp, and an acidic scalp is a breeding ground for breakage, damaged hair follicles, and even infection.

Almost all of the trace minerals that silica helps balance are factors in treating hair loss. Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are all nutrients that need to be well-balanced if you want to have the thickest and healthiest hair possible. Silica helps deliver the vital nutrients that we ingest (and create naturally) to all of our external parts, including the hair follicles.
Speaking of well-balanced, don’t underestimate your hormones’ effect on healthy hair growth. Our hormones can be imbalanced for a number of reasons, but taking a silica supplement for hair growth could have other benefits such as better mood, brighter skin, and better overall wellness.

Usage of Silica

Most people aren’t aware of it, but silica is in a lot of the foods and drinks that we have every day. Beer, coffee, mineral water, whole grains and lettuce are all great sources of silica. That said, the normal American diet is deficient in a lot of essential micronutrients, including silica. Silica can help with thinning hair, so if that has been a persistent issue for you, a more focused commitment to taking silica could be the answer.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not established a recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for silica, there have been findings that highlight the benefits of silica not only for hair growth, but for overall health and wellness.

The average daily silica intake is around 30 mg for men and 25 mg for women, depending on the individual’s diet. Most research agrees that this is not enough to meet the body’s requirements. Daily supplements of 10 mg of silica have been prescribed for a range of ailments including brittle nail syndrome and even dementia, but higher levels can be taken to experience full benefits of the micronutrient. As silica levels drop with age, reintroducing it into your diet can help re-balance nutrient and hormone levels.

Where to Get Silica

As mentioned before, most Americans don’t get enough silica in their diet. A lot of this has to do with the fact that meat has lower levels of silica than plants, and well, not a lot of people eat all their veggies. Even though there are many common foods that contain silica, like fruits, nuts, and grains, many of them contain silica in a form that is not bioavailable. In other words, the silica in these foods can’t get absorbed and used by your body.

For this reason, supplements are the best way to balance out your silica deficiencies and to ultimately help promote healthy hair growth. Most silica supplements use horsetail extract, a fantastic essential oil that is known for its silica content. Viviscal also contains horsetail plant extract for hair growth.

There are also other forms of silica supplements, namely bamboo extract, which can contain up to 70% of organic silica. We recommend giving both a try so you can see which works best for you and for your hair growth goals.

Warnings/Extra Tips

Just as with any new supplement, talk to your doctor before adding any new form of silica to your diet. Silica can lower your blood sugar levels — something to watch out for if you have diabetes. It also acts as a diuretic, so be careful not to combine it with other diuretics as it could put you at risk of dehydration.

Not many people know about silica for hair growth. If you are not comfortable or feel like you still need to do more research, there are other natural ways that you can boost your hair growth.

We recommend looking into a hair growth vitamin that gives your hair follicles the nutrients they love like biotin, zinc and iron. Viviscal contains a special AminoMar marine complex that other vitamins simply don’t have and has been proven to help women’s hair grow fuller and thicker. Also, investing in other essential oils will make sure that your hair follicles have an environment conducive to hair growth. Horsetail extract is still our favorite, but you can have a lot of great results with other oils like lavender and rosemary.