Real Women Share Tried-&-Tested Hair Growth Secrets

by Viviscal Hair Expert on August 8th, 2017

We’ve all been there: we sit in the hairstylist’s chair for a trim (absolutely necessary for healthy, split-end-free hair growth), but walk out with inches taken off. Our mermaid-length hair growth goals have never looked so far away. It’s okay! Our long-hair-loving sisters are more than willing to share their hair growth secrets all over the internet, from beauty blogs to shopping site product reviews. And Byrdie editor Lindsey Metrus listened. Below, see three of the best hair-growth secrets that real women can’t stop talking about. Get ready for Rapunzel lengths and “Beyoncé-fan-blowing-your-hair” confidence!

Hair Growth Vitamin Supplement: Viviscal Extra Strength

Hair follicles need nutrients to grow! Feed your follicles with Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, an exclusive marine complex and more healthy-hair vitamins and minerals to see thick hair growth and less breakage in 3-6 months. Yes, patience is key. But real users will assure you: if you stick with Viviscal it’s worth the wait.

#QOTD’s About Viviscal

“I’ve been taking Viviscal for a year now, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in hair growth. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it.” -Anonymous

“SOLD!!!! My hair is growing and is able to hold moisture as well. It is very manageable.” – Rachel

“I have been taking Viviscal for 3 months and my hair has made a complete 180! My hair is now thicker, fuller, longer and new hair has begun to grow where it has previously receded!!! People have noticed a difference… I really love Viviscal and can’t wait to see the end result!” – Elibelk

“Hair is so thick and healthy!!! Thank you so much! My ponytail has gone from a dime-size diameter to a quarter in the the past year! My hair looks and feels like it did in my teens! So glad I tried Viviscal! -Alison

Deep Conditioning: Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque

One woman writes that after bleaching her hair several times, this deep-conditioning olive and avocado mask has been a saving grace that rescued her dry, brittle hair in a big way.

#QOTD About Olive & Avocado Hair Mask

“Using Earth Science’s Avocado & Olive Oil Hair Masque has helped tremendously—the hair really needs protein! I have also really cut down on how often I highlight my hair, which has helped, but the protein is key.”

Natural Oil: Flaxseed Oil

This woman swears by the restorative power of flaxseed oil.

#QOTD About Flaxseed Oil

“I take two gel tablets [of Flaxseed Oil] every single day, and my hair grows like a weed now.”

This same flaxseed devotee also recommends stimulating blood flow to the scalp through regular cardio exercise and brushing your hair. Boosting blood circulation to the scalp can help deliver the nutrients in your bloodstream up to your follicles, helping to promote hair growth. We recommend a wet (in-shower) or a dry scalp massage to stimulate bloodflow to the scalp.

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