Rose Gold Hair for Spring 2020

by Colleen Welsch on April 17th, 2020
Rose gold curly hair with pink background viviscal blog

Rose gold hair is a major trend this spring, and we are absolutely in love. Why? Because believe it or not, rose gold hair is universally flattering. No matter what your hair texture or skin tone, rose gold lends an ethereal glow that’s perfect for spring. And since the pink tone is muted, it’s also an excellent way to try brightly colored hair while still looking office-appropriate. Ready to try rose gold hair? Keep reading for our favorite rose gold hair ideas of spring 2020!

5 Ways to Try the Rose Gold Hair Trend

  1. Rose Gold Hair Highlights

Woman with rose gold hair and pink ends smiling Viviscal blog

If you want to experiment with rose gold hair but don’t want to commit to a full dye job, try these rose gold hair highlights. We love how these pink highlights add a little oomph to beachy blonde waves. 

2. Dark Rose Gold Pink Hair

Who says blondes have more fun? You don’t need blonde hair to pull off rose gold hair. Brunettes can also try the rose gold hair trend by using a temporary pink dye on their locks. This temporary dye will lend hair a rose gold hue, perfect for spring. 

3. Rose Gold Ombre Hair

woman with rose gold ombre hair viviscal blog

Another low-commitment way to dip your toes into the rose gold hair trend: rose gold ombre hair. By lightening only the ends of your hair, your hairstylist can add in a muted pink shade without damaging all of your lengths. This is perfect for anyone who has hair that’s already prone to damage, like those with fine or thin hair. 

4. Rose Gold Blonde

Woman with rose gold hair tied back viviscal blog

If you have blonde hair, you don’t necessarily need to darken your locks to try rose gold hair. Since your hair is already light, applying rose gold toner throughout your hair will easily give you a pink hue. 

Make sure to test the toner on a strand before applying rose gold toner to your whole head, however. If your test strand turns out too dark, you can dilute the toner with conditioner until you get your desired result. 

5. Copper Rose Gold Hair

Girl with pink hair Viviscal blog

Copper rose gold hair is another twist on the rose gold hair trend. If you have strawberry blonde or ginger hair, using a pink toner will give your hair a rose gold hue. 

How to Maintain Rose Gold Hair

As with all colored hair, rose gold hair requires a little extra TLC. To keep your rose gold hair healthy, follow these tips:

Adjust Your Cleansing Routine

To keep your rose gold hair from fading quickly, try to minimize hair washing as much as possible. If possible, wash your hair no more than 3 to 4 times per week. When you do wash your hair, always use gentle products like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo & Conditioner. This duo is formulated to gently cleanse and lightly condition hair, leaving it looking naturally thicker and fuller. 

Embrace Heat-Free Styling

Heat can also make hair color fade more quickly, so try to avoid heat styling whenever possible. Instead, embrace your natural hair texture or try heat-free curling techniques. When you do decide to use hot tools, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray to diminish fading. 

Nourish from the Inside

If you like to experiment and change your hair color often, make sure you take your vitamins! Dyeing your hair frequently can leave it damaged and dry. But if you start with healthier hair, you’re less likely to experience seriously damaged locks. 

So how do you get healthier hair? Viviscal! Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements promotes healthy hair growth from the inside with a hair-loving combination of Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, and other nutrients. While Viviscal can’t undo major hair mistakes (like bleaching your hair at home), it can help you to maintain healthy-looking hair.*

Would you ever try the rose gold hair trend? Let us know in the comment section below!