The Top Botanical Extracts for Hair That You Should Know

by Viviscal Hair Expert on March 5th, 2018

Are botanical extracts for hair worth the hype? Is it possible for plants and herbs to make hair grow? Botanical extracts can be powerful treatments for healthy hair growth, but not all botanicals are created equal. Read on to see the three best botanical extracts for thick and healthy hair. Plus, see three of our favorite botanical essential oils that will complement your daily hair care routine.

Top 3 Botanical Extracts for Healthy Hair

1. Millet Seed Extract

Millet seed extract is a little botanical ingredient with major healthy hair cred. A scientific study in Germany found that taking a combination of millet seed extract, L-cystine and pantothenic acid could significantly improve the hair growth rate of women with hair loss.

Millet seed extract also is rich in plant sterols such as linoleic acid and miliacin for healthy hair and healthy scalp. Miliacin in particular can improve scalp health by helping to repair skin damage and reduce inflammation.

Not sure where to find millet seed extract? We’ve got you covered. Viviscal hair supplement includes millet seed extract as one of its nourishing ingredients that promote existing hair growth.*

2. Flax Seed Extract

Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These omega fatty acids provide hair and scalp benefits that range from promoting hair growth to reducing inflammatory scalp problems like dandruff. Flax seeds are also an amazing source of vitamin E, which can help balance moisture and add shine to dry, brittle hair.

You can use flax seed oil in topical hair care products or take flax seed extract in a daily supplement. Drug-free Viviscal Man hair supplement contains flax seed extract as just one of the ingredients in its complete formula that is proven to promote existing hair growth in men.*

3. Pea Sprout Extract

Recent scientific research indicates that pea sprout extract has some pretty incredible benefits for hair. One study showed that pea sprout extract actually encouraged resting hair follicles to begin growing again, promoting thicker, fuller hair. And sprouts are one of the best sources of hair-healthy phytonutrients in the plant kingdom.

When used topically in hair care products, pea sprout extract promotes thicker-looking hair and makes strands look healthier. While you can make your own pea sprout extract at home, using hair products that contain pea sprout extract, like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir, make it easier (and less messy) to harness the power of the sprout to get your hair looking its best.

Botanical Essential Oils to Complement Your Hair Care Routine

Along with the three powerful botanical extracts above, here are three of our favorite essential oils that will make great additions to your daily hair care regimen AND make you look and feel better overall.

Lavender Oil   The healing properties of lavender make it great for hair care and your overall well-being. Lavender has anti-microbial properties for a healthy scalp. But it’s probably best-known for stress relief. By now you probably know that stress is a very common cause of thinning hair for women. Add a couple drops of lavender oil to a bath or to your oil infuser to improve your mood and reduce your stress. You’ll feel so much better.

Peppermint Oil   Peppermint oil is a good botanical oil to add to your hair care because of its antiseptic and antimicrobial effects. Peppermint oil can help reduce dandruff and its stimulating, tingling properties make your scalp feel clean and refreshed. Combine a natural peppermint oil treatment with a scalp massage to boost blood circulation to your scalp.

Rosemary Oil   Rosemary is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb that can help improve your hair and scalp. Rosemary helps soothe a dry, itchy scalp and dandruff. Massaging the scalp with rosemary oil invigorates and boosts blood circulation. And boosted circulation helps your blood deliver more of the hair-growth boosting nutrients from hair supplements or in your diet directly to your follicles.