Top Hair Concealers Revealed

by Viviscal Hair Expert on April 16th, 2015
What to apply and conceal thinning hair

For women who struggle with thinning hair, or who simply want to add more volume to hair, the best way to nourish and thicken thinning hair follicles from within is a hair growth supplement. But since hair supplements work with your natural hair growth cycle, they can take 3-6 months to work. While you’re waiting for thick, luscious hair growth, there are a number of tried and true hair products that volumize thinning hair or conceal hair loss – or both.

The Best Products to Conceal Hair Loss

While you wait for hair loss products or hair growth vitamin supplements to take effect, there are natural-looking instant fixes to conceal the scalp and thicken up hair roots. But which hair products thicken each hair strand and conceal bald spots?

Most Effective Hair Loss Concealers and Thickeners

With so many products on the market, it can be nearly impossible to choose the best hair concealer. The best hair concealer for thinning hair is one that looks natural and lasts all day. The key: no one should ever be able to tell you have it on. For the most effective hair loss concealers and thickeners, we compare thickening spray vs. hair powder vs. dry shampoo to volumize thinning hair vs. hair fibers to hide thinning hair areas vs. thickening hair serum.

Thickening Sprays

Thickening sprays make hair look thick and full in the morning, but by afternoon, fine hair will fall limp again and you’ll have to reapply. Thickening spray is also not a hair spray to cover bald spots, it can only add volume to your existing hair.

Hair Powder for Thinning hair

Using hair powder to hide thinning hair is messy. It also requires lots of skill to apply it exactly to the thinning areas only, without covering other spots. It can be difficult to make hair powder for thin hair stick to individual strands and stay put all day.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a good product to absorb oil and volumize thinning hair. But dry shampoo is not a good bald spot cover up or a scalp concealer.

Hair Thickening Serum for Women

A good hair thickening serum for women should live up to its name. It should add thickness and volume to hair without weighing it down. Try a topical serum with ingredients from natural origins, such as pea sprouts and grape seeds, which have been clinically tested to add volume and fullness to hair. As a bonus, these ingredients promote a healthy scalp too. However, while a hair thickening serum can add fullness to existing hair, it cannot completely conceal bald spots.

Microscopic Hair Filler Fibers

To both add thickness to thinning hair and cover bald spots, experts often recommend microscopic hair filler fibers. You can cover a larger area with hair fibers. Plus, fibers quickly and easily tap onto hair, electrostatically clinging to individual hairs for a natural look that stays on until you wash it out. Choose a color that closely matches your natural color or blend more than one color for a perfect match.

How to Style Hair Fibers for Area with Thinning Hair

Good hair fibers tap on easily to naturally blend with hair and cover thinning spots plus add thickness. You can also use hair fibers with your blow-dryer for even more oomph. L.A. hairstylist Jill Crosby advises to skip the brush when blow-drying and add a diffuser head to your dryer. A diffuser will reduce tension on the hair’s cuticle and make it lie flat. Then, tap on hair fibers to hide thinning hair areas and fill in thinning spots on the scalp. This will make thinning hair seem more dense. For even more staying power, set the fibers with hairspray.

When searching for the best products to hide women’s hair loss, there are hair loss spray, hair powders, serums, hair fibers and numerous other solutions. Consider your needs and whether you want to just add thickness or conceal hair loss or a bald spot. Either way, there are quick fixes to add thickness to thinning hair while you wait for hair growth supplements to nourish your hair from within.