Top Hairstyles of 2016 for Women with Thin Hair

by Viviscal Hair Expert on December 22nd, 2016
Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Just because your hair is thin doesn’t mean you have to give up the styles that you love. In fact, there are certain hairstyles for women with thin hair that will make the problem much less prevalent and have you looking happy and healthy as you go into the new year. Here are nine of the top hairstyles of 2016 for women with thin hair.

Jagged Part With Waves

Every woman needs a way to part their hair, but a straight part can make thinning hair even more noticeable. One of the best ways to fix this problem is by simply making your part a bit uneven. A jagged part will make the top layers stick up more and hide that thinning area right in the middle of the crown. Adding a wavy hairstyle instead of just straight hair is a fun way to draw attention away from the top of your head. It will also create the appearance of volume and thickness to hair.

Long, Blunt Bangs

blunt bangs best hairstyles 2016We love bangs! Not enough women use this hairstyle, especially when they’re trying to add fullness and volume to their hair. If you want to try this look, have your stylist start your bangs from the crown of your head rather than the front of your hairline. This will add more hair to your bangs so they will look noticeably thicker. Be sure to keep your bangs from getting too greasy — you don’t want oily bangs sticking to your forehead. No. Thank. You.

Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob hairstyle best hair of 2016Many women love wearing the bob since it’s such a classic look, but it can make your hair look flat, especially if you have thinning hair. One of the best ways to make this hairstyle work for you is an asymmetrical bob that angles downwards from the back. This hairstyle draws people’s attention downward rather than up to your crown where the hair may not be as thick. Parting the bob to one side will give the illusion of adding fullness to fine hair.

Messy Pompadour

messy pompadour best hairstyles of 2016Ladies with short hair, rejoice. If you’re tired of your hair looking flat and uninspired, create a modern pompadour look to give it volume. Simply work a little bit of mousse into your hair, and muss it up in the front. It will instantly make your hair look thicker overall, and give it a rockstar vibe that people will love. This is a simple way to keep things fresh and one of the best haircuts for thin hair.

Asymmetrical French Braid Style

side french braid best hairstyles of 2016The French braid is one of our favorite protective hairstyles for thinning hair. You can jazz it up a bit by following our asymmetrical trend. French braid one side of your ponytail without making it look too messy. By having it stick out further from your scalp, you add volume and draw attention away from any thinning areas and onto that lovely French braid. This one is super fun to wear, even for days at a time!

Side-Swept Pixie

side swept pixie haircut best hairstyles of 2016If you like a smooth, straight look with your short haircut, here’s an easy trick: flatten your hair to your forehead and then sweep it to the side. It doesn’t get any easier, plus it gives you an instant 1920s retro look. It works perfectly for women with short, thinning hair that want a stylish alternative to their usual hairstyle.

Top Braids With Bangs

We absolutely love this one — it’s a combo of some of our favorite hairstyles mentioned earlier. Ask your stylist for a braided updo with thick, blunt bangs to break up your hair. Not only is it a unique hairstyle that will win you a ton of compliments, it gives the illusion of having more hair to play with.

Tucked Behind the Ear

Here’s one that women with thick hair actually have a hard time pulling off! If you’ve got short hair and like rocking the pixie cut, try tucking hair behind one ear. Your fine hair will sit smoothly behind your ear and give you a smart look that’s fit for any occasion. Your friends with thicker hair will be jealous!

Messy Updo

messy updo best hairstyles of 2016

We love wearing an updo as a fun, quick hairstyle, but a traditional updo can look a bit too flat and smooth for women with thinning hair. The solution? Mess it up a bit. Use your comb to tousle the front pieces and a bit of the sides. Making it look deliberately loose will keep it fun, quick, and give you the illusion of thicker hair. As far as haircuts for women with thin hair, this is certainly one of the best.

If you feel like your hair is thinning, take action! Start trying out some of these hairstyles and also make sure you’re tackling the problem at its source. Use products that promote healthy hair growth, as well as eat a diet with all the nutrients you need. We highly recommend Viviscal hair growth supplements as a way to help grow and maintain your locks from the inside out.