Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Everyone

by Colleen Welsch on February 1st, 2022
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This article was originally published on January 30, 2020. 

If you are looking for inspiration for hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, then look no further. If you have a big date planned or are celebrating Galentine’s Day with some girlfriends, it’s a great time to try new and cute hairstyles for Valentine’s Day.

Keep reading for romantic and easy Valentine’s Day hairstyles to try.

Low Ponytail

hairstyles for valentines day

A stylish low ponytail is a chic and effortless hairstyle for Valentine’s Day.

To make this stylish and romantic updo, start by parting your hair down the middle. Then, gently sweep your hair to the back of your head and down. Once you pull your hair to the back, hold your hair with one hand, and with the other using your thumb, pull your hair up a few inches. You want to create a bit of space above where your hairline ends at the back to give your low ponytail a bit of lift. From here, secure your hair with a hair tie.

Once the hair is secure, add some face-framing detail. You can either pull some of your baby hairs out to add texture or pull larger strands on each side of your hair.

To add more detail to this cute Valentine’s hairstyle, curl your hair while it’s in the ponytail.

Embellishment Details

cute hairstyles for valentine's day

A fun hairstyle idea for Valentine’s Day is to add accessories and embellishments to your look. Whether your hair is down or styled in an updo, adding hair accessories is a fun and simple way to look put together for the romantic holiday.

Do you have a hair clip or barrette that you’ve been wanting to style? This holiday is the time to try it out. For some simple Valentine’s Day hair, sweep your hair up on one side, ending about one inch above the top of your ear. Then, clip your accessory on the side of your hair, keeping it in place. Now you have a simple but intentional hairstyle for Valentine’s Day.

Want more drama? Pull the top section of your hair back and use your hair clip to secure it in place. This keeps your hair out of your face and adds detail to your look.

Large, Loose Curls

hairstyles for valentines day 2022

This is one of our favorite easy Valentine hairstyles to create and is perfect for long hair. You can use either a curling iron, curling hair dryer, or large hair rollers to achieve this look.

If you are using hair rollers for this Valentine’s hairstyle, start with slightly damp hair. Brush through it to ensure there are no knots, and begin sectioning your hair. A good rule is to put your hair in sections as wide as your hair roller. Now, starting at the bottom, begin by rolling your hair up until the roller touches your head, and then secure it with a clip. Repeat until all sections are rolled, and allow your hair to set. Once set, take out the rollers and see your beautiful curls unfold.

If you are using a hot tool, apply heat-protecting spray to your hair. Then, once your hair is dry, section your hair out between one and two inches wide. Wrap your hair around your hot tool. Start at the top of your hair for large curls around your face, or at the bottom if you want your curls concentrated at the ends. Once your hair sections are all curled, follow up with your same heat-protecting spray, or your favorite hair oil.

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Do you like these hairstyles for Valentine’s Day 2022? Let us know in the comments!