Vitamins for Women’s Black Hair Growth & 3 Black Hair Growth Myths

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 9th, 2016
How to grow healthy black hair

Women don’t have it easy in terms of hair maintenance, especially those with black/African American hair. We strive for strong, sexy hair and only buy the best products to obtain the look of healthier hair and to achieve our hair growth goals. Women’s hair needs vitamins and nutrients for black hair growth in order to preserve its health. Biotin, Vitamin C, Omega 3’s and Iron are essential vitamins for black hair.

In search of the perfect head of hair, we also follow some pretty strange advice. And it’s surprising that we rarely stop and think about if it actually contributes to better looking hair. These hair growth myths have been around forever and adopted by millions of women, but are rarely put to the test. Well, we wanted to take a closer look at some of these hair myths and see if they still stand under the scrupulous eye of science.

Myth #1: Cutting Your Tips

On average, hair grows at a quarter-inch a month – varying depending on your health and nutritional intake. However, there’s a myth attributing longer hair with frequent trims. Can you feel your scientific mind tingling? The fact is, hair grows regardless of your trimming it. The reasoning behind this is that when you trim your hair, you are removing the damaged strands and making hair look healthier and thicker. Haircuts can be beneficial, just not in the way some might hope for. What you really need to properly nourish your black hair is Biotin and Niacin. Biotin is a type of B Vitamin and essential in helping the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and aid in the formation and structure of hair. Niacin is also an important B vitamin, and is essential in nourishing the scalp and hair to help prevent breakage and keep trimming sessions to a big, fat zero. Looks like our scientific approach is working so far so let’s take a look at some more Myths and try to debunk them as well.

Myth #2: 100 Brush Strokes a Day

Too much of anything is a bad thing (excluding rom-coms and chocolate). If you brush your hair 100 times a day, is it magically supposed to look shinier? According to Myth #2, yes. The 100 Brush Stroke Theory claims that brushing your hair 100 times distributes oil from your scalp through to the ends of your hair strands, while increasing blood flow to your scalp. The fact is that brushing your hair for prolonged periods of time only causes friction and frizz, harming your hair in the long run. Your hair needs marine protein and Iron to help give it a nice, silky shine. Marine proteins help supply fish oils to your hair, protecting against tissue damage, and keeping your hair strong and silky. Iron is a very important mineral and helps the body make red blood cells, which carry oxygen and other important nutrients to your hair follicles. A common symptom of iron deficiency (anemia) is hair loss so be sure to boost your iron intake to keep your hair – and your nails – looking their best.

Myth #3: Cold Water Hair Wash

Black hair and all hair types contain natural oils, which help maintain a lustrous shine. Washing your hair in cold water is unlikely to aid in a greater shine. Your hair is made up of dead cells which don’t react to hot or cold water. For a healthier shine, your hair needs Omega 3 and marine proteins. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid our body needs to stay healthy. You can obtain Omega 3 from a number of marine sources. It helps produce hormones which affect the health, tone and integrity of your hair. Without it, hair loss may be in your future.

Best Nutrition For Black Hair Growth

Maintaining beautiful black hair can sometimes prove to be cumbersome. There are select vitamins involved that are beneficial for black hair, including Biotin, Vitamin C, Iron and marine proteins. It can be hard to get all of these nutrients in a convenient and inexpensive way. Viviscal Extra Strength is proven to help provide nutrition for your hair and provide it with the look of thicker, fuller hair. AminoMarⓇ is the key to our hair nourishment system. It’s a combination of marine extracts, and a blend of Horsetail (Stem) Extract and naturally occurring Silica. We are the #1 selling drug free hair growth supplement in U.S. And with over 25 years of research and multiple clinical trials, we can help you on your journey to better looking hair, guaranteed.

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