Viviscal Makes THE CUT with

by Viviscal Hair Expert on January 3rd, 2013

If you have ever gotten a haircut that you later regretted, then you will empathize with the writer of “Why Do We Get Haircuts We End Up Hating?” Written for The Cut, Stella Bugbee recounts her decision to go with a shorter haircut akin to the “dramatic hair transformations of the celebs.”

nymag-hairThere are some forms of buyer’s remorse that are easier to get over than others – if you decide that you don’t like the fit of that dress that you spent a little too much money for, then you may take it back. If you go and “cut off six inches of hair,” well, that is a different story.  Stella stated that her hairdresser had more than once recommended Viviscal to promote faster hair growth and strengthening of damaged hair.

We look forward to seeing Stella with her new and longer hairstyle in the next couple of months.  Fortunately, Viviscal is there to help people like Stella rebound faster from haircuts they wish they had not gotten.